Starfire by Elizabeth King

Zara has been working as an employee of a merchant ship for the past five years of her life. Although her job allows her to travel, she longs for more excitement and adventure in her life, to see the stars unhindered and to experience the galaxy free from constraint. She may be getting a little more adventure than she bargained for, however, when her ship is attacked by pirates! Soon she is being whisked away, taken by the Captain of the Starfire to be her lover. She will find more excitement than she could have imagined as the Captain’s Pet. 

Warnings: noncon, sex slavery, sci-fi typical violence

Catagory: F/F

BDSM Sci-Fi Fantasy Erotic Novel. 65K words complete with steamy illustrations. This is hardcore kink, bondage, BDSM fiction and is intended only for an Adult audience!

Review Amazon:
A powerful dominate woman with a sadistic streak captures a pet that is half terrified and half fascinated by her captor. It’s not an example of a healthy BDSM relationship (and the author makes that clear), but as a fantasy or consensual roleplay, it’s a wonderfully sexy story. I’ll be watching for future books by Elizabeth King.

3 thoughts on “Starfire by Elizabeth King

  1. I bought it from Kindle, and I bought another PDF copy for the illustrated; I love it SOOooOOOOooo MUCH! You’ve fulfilling me everything fantasies in my head(some of them I didn’t know I crave before), whew, it was a lovely read and it’s really enjoyable, thank you for the ride!


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