REVIEW: The Mummy’s Girl by t’Sade

In a love story spanning centuries, The Mummy’s Girl is an epic, erotic tale set in a land of pure fantasy. A cruel master with a warm heart punishes a new slave in the temple of a wolf-god, discovering that it is more for her pleasure than her pain, and gradually finds himself falling in love with her. They are not destined to be together when death by betrayal tears them apart. One sacrifices her soul to bring her master to life, cursing him to walk the earth as a mummy, a creature of death, sex, and magic. But, even as they are torn apart, the games of gods scheme to reunite the star-crossed lovers.

Warnings: Noncon, Sex Slavery, Extremely Graphic Violence, BDSM, Humiliation

Category: M/F, F/F

The Mummy’s Girl is a hardcore pornographic BDSM novel, filled with all manner of perversities and fantastical erotic content. It’s one of the most explicit novels I have ever read, and it’s much more heavy on the porn than on the plot. A sado-masochistic extravaganza, it tells the story of a whole host of characters living in a vaguely Egyptian inspired temple cult and all the torture and sex that they get up to therein. All of the characters within this temple exist as some form of slaves within the cult, from the bottom rung all the way up to the cult leader Anuset, who is slave only to the deity Akumet and master to all the other cult slaves.

Ostensibly, Anuset is not a good character, nor is his cult a ‘nice’ religion. This temple cult apparently invades and slaughters enemy lands and takes people into slavery, tortures, rapes, and murders at a whim, and all in the name of the god Akumet. There’s a hierarchy to the slavery within the temple, and the possibility of moving up the ranks, but the whole thing is based around a mutual enjoyment of subjugation and bloodshed. It’s interesting how Anuset is more or less the books protagonist, as in another book he could very well have been the villain.

The prose is quite good, and evocative. The author has a way with description and absolutely no shyness towards getting as lewd and obscene as the situations call for. To say this book is quite graphic is a massive understatement. There is, however, the bare bones of a plot that links the various sex scenes together and it was an interesting concept to have that plot span centuries of time, letting generations pass for our undead lead character and watch the way the world around him changes in that time. I really enjoyed the plot and the way that the book brings it’s characters through it, and I also really loved the ancient Egyptian flavored setting immensely. I liked seeing the author work with gods and eras with abandon, and seeing the way the characters traverse across time.

Emotional Engagement
Unfortunately, because it’s such a skeleton of a plot, (no pun intended) fleshed out only with as many sex scenes as the author could conceive of, and doesn’t actually show us much of it’s characters lives outside of sex, there is very little actually getting the reader emotionally connected to any of it’s very large cast. There’s little chemistry or dynamic between the sex partners, even the stories main couple, and the text suffers from telling instead of showing. Binis is a masochist who is in love with Anuset and loves it when he tortures her, but doesn’t love it when someone else tortures her because it’s different when he does it because she loves him. But… why does she love him? Who knows! She’s also Anuset’s favorite slave… for reasons that remain a mystery. There’s no shown reason for either of them to be into each other, but we are meant to simply know that they are because they say they are.

Other characters can get a little more interesting, like the mistress/slave dynamic between Corbin and Jubi which was unfortunately only mentioned in passing in a brief moment of dialogue as Corbin fucks some other slave girl, or the woman who ends up marrying a whole guard’s squadron because she loves gangbangs. All of these are interesting ideas, that I would have loved to have seen explored and fleshed out a bit more beyond rushing from one sex scene to another without ever pausing to linger on the connections that the text simply takes for granted.

Much like the character development, worldbuilding gets left by the wayside in favor of porn. And, much like the characters, the world is filled with incredibly interesting ideas that could have been explored to fascinating degrees, and left me with so many questions. The temple cult for instance, does it have it’s own sovereignty or is it part of a larger country? There’s some indications of rivalries between the gods that head up the cults, but we never see much of the rival cults. What’s the political climate like between them? If the entire cult is run exclusively by slaves that self manage and self impose the slavery rules on each other, how does that function? Is that why there’s never any slave uprising? What are the non sex-and-torture related things that slaves in this cult get up to? There’s a Dark Lord later on into the story that Anuset ends up working for, what’s his deal? He apparently has a son who is a horse made of fire are we not going to talk about that? There’s just so much about the setting that is fascinating but only really teased and not ever explored.

This is the real point of this book, the porn. And it’s incredibly creative porn, at that. This book is absolutely not for the faint of heart. It’s a BDSM fantasy affair with any kind of fetish you can think of. Noncon, flogging, monster fucking, dirt licking, humiliation, gangbangs, tentacles, necro, you name it. There’s a real balls to the wall dedication and commitment to extremely sado-masochistic content that permeates the entire book, and I can certainly appreciate that. It’s no wonder that the author’s pen name is a nod to the Marquis de Sade, and if you’re looking for extremely hard content, this is the book for you. I loved the sex in it, and some of my favourite scenes were the scenes with Akumet as well as some of the gangbang scenes (The ‘punishment’ with Binis is especially sexy). I’ll note however that while there is plenty M/F and F/F content, the author, disappointingly, leaves out any M/M.

Altogether I would have loved this book a lot more if it had had more of a focus on plot instead of only on sex, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re just looking for hardcore porn, it certainly doesn’t disappoint, and I would highly recommend this if you’re an enthusiast of macabre sex fairy tales or villain perspective stories. If you’re looking for something very emotionally engaging however this may not be the book for you, but it was esoteric and unique enough that I absolutely do not regret reading it, and it has a place on my favourites list for leaving me in awe at the sheer scope of it’s kinkiness.



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