Rise of the Masters by Elizabeth King

Amy Prince’s life as a Private Eye is fairly settled. She has a good reputation in her field, steady clients, and an adorable submissive girlfriend waiting for her at home. She couldn’t ask for anything more out of life… until a murder investigation blows up into something far more complicated than she could have imagined. Suddenly she finds herself in the thick of a global conspiracy, sadomasochistic games, and the end of the world.

Can she maintain a calculated distance between herself and the mysterious vampire in her clutches and prevent the destruction of humanity? And can she save the people she cares about… or will she have to sacrifice everything?

Warnings: Guro, BDSM, vampirism, violence

Category: F/F, F/M

BDSM Vampire Guro Erotic Novel. 70K words complete with steamy illustrations. This is hardcore kink, bondage, BDSM fiction and is intended only for an Adult audience!

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