Books I WANT to read, but don’t want to READ

This is a meme fill post! Although I am new enough to book blogging that nobody has tagged me, I thought it was a fun looking prompt to talk about some of the books on my “Want To Read” list! I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you want to fill this out for some fun please consider yourself tagged 🙂

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1: A book that you feel you need to read because everyone talks about it
Flowers in the Attack by VC Andrews

The Dollanger Series is a series of books that was very popular when I was in highschool, so I’ve heard of it here and there. It’s also a series that is frequently mentioned by people interested in dark sexual fiction for being full of shocking content, so it’s been on my radar for some time. I can understand the appeal of a heavy drama, and would like to check it off my reading list at some point.

2: A book thats really long
Kushiel’s Dart by Jaqueline Carey

Not only is the first volume incredibly…. dense, it’s a series of 9 books. That’s more than a little bit of an intimidating length hahaha. That said, I do really want to read them, because everything about them seems to tell the story of a very intriguing world and narrative, and the concept of being blessed by the gods with masochism is fantastic to say the least! It’s length just makes me a little more weary than I normally might be.

3: A book you’ve owned / had on your TBR for too long
Human Rights by SL Armstrong

This is one of those random indie novels that I’ve had sitting on my kindle for a very long time and just… never got around to reading. I want to read it, it looks right up my alley, but it’s just sat there for years! Slavery, furries, and kinky romance… what’s not to love? Maybe now that I’ve done this meme I’ll make the time to get around to it! Thanks for the reminder!

4: A book that is ‘required’ reading
(eg, school text, really popular classic – something you feel obligated to read!)

The Gor Chronicles by John Norman

The Gorian books have long been on my reading list, because they tend to encompass a lot of things I am interested in. High fantasy and science fiction, slave kink and BDSM…. and they are considered classics in the kink community… they had such an impact, in fact, that there’s an entire subset of BDSM devoted to the lifestyle of Gor! Not that I think I’d go that far, but they seem worth a read at the very least!

5: A book that intimidates you
120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade

120 Days of Sodom (and all of the works of de Sade) is rather renowned for being extremely graphic and violent, covering kinks that could definitely qualify as squicks for me. Nevertheless, I feel an obligation to have at the very least given it a speedread if I am to be truly versed in kink literature.

6: A book that you think might be slow
Special Forces: Soldiers by Marquesate and Vashtan

This one I’m cheating a bit with because I don’t necessarily think it will be slow, but I’m worried it won’t be my style of story. I’m usually interested (almost exclusively, in fact) in high fantasy and science fiction, so a more modern-day army story isn’t really usually up my alley. That said, I’ve heard good things about it, so hopefully my fears will be unfounded.

7: A book you need to be in the right mood for
Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland

I have had this book halfway finished reading for a very long time now and never find it in me to pick it up again. It’s not that it’s dull (it is, sort of, but that’s not the point) it’s that it’s very very old. It was written in the 1700’s, and it’s prose is very wordy and hard to parse at times. There’s an archaic quality to it that makes it a rather difficult read.

8: A book you’re unsure if you will like
Story of O by Pauline Reage

I’m honestly not certain how much I will enjoy the infamous Story of O. It’s an extreme objectification story that honestly sounds a little bit too hardcore for my own tastes. There is something vaguely squicky about the way the book is usually described… but maybe I’m completely wrong about that and maybe I will love it!!

7 thoughts on “Books I WANT to read, but don’t want to READ

  1. Great reading list. Definitely read 120 days and O. Even if you discover your not into their portrayal of bdsm it’s still unlikely you will not enjoy some things in both books. 😏 and if you squeak.. just remember there are doms that think that its adorable.


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