REVIEW: Training Mrs. Olliver by Elle Jamey

On their wedding night, Anne confesses to her new husband her desire to sexually submit to him. Edward enrolls her in a school for submission, where she undergoes strict and humiliating training. The trainers reinforce her dominant husband’s expectations for Anne, taking control over her body and supervising her behavior through a series of regimented programs designed to condition her body’s physical responses. At this special school, Anne becomes a willing pupil, tutored in lessons on how to serve Edward’s sexual needs.

Warnings: BDSM, D/s, ageplay, humiliation, omo play

Category: M/F

Training Mrs. Olliver is a harcore BDSM novella. It follows the sexual adventures of newlywed Anne Olliver as she is enrolled in a submissive training school known only as The School, which trains subs in how to be exactly what their Doms require them to be. Pure porn, it’s not very heavy on plot but it certainly is not lacking in steamy content or creative kink scenarios, and it’s short enough to be plowed through (heh) rather quickly.

The book drops us immediately into the couple’s post-wedding sex, setting the stage for exactly how this story is going to play out. The writing is fairly fast paced, and the author is not shy about vivid physically explicit description. There’s never a dull moment in the text, and if you’re looking for “action packed” this certainly fits the bill! It also has some very sweet moments of tenderness between the two of them and it’s nice to see a portrayal of BDSM as romantically inclined as they can be.

Unfortunately this is another one of those kinds of books that puts porn well and above meaningful character development. I was never connected to Anne, I never got much of a feel for her as a person or why she’s interested in BDSM or what makes it click for her. I got a little bit more of a sense of who her husband is, but that’s because all of the scenes are so focused on her being “trained” for “his pleasure” without much exploration of what she gets out of it (aside from some nebulous “wanting to please him”). I wish that the story had taken it’s time to get me invested in who Anne and her husband are as people outside of their BDSM escapades, but as it is this is pretty textbook PWP.

Probably the most interesting and engaging aspect of this story is the worldbuilding. This is a world where there are all sorts of secret underground “facilities” where submissives can be trained and schooled, many of which are themed with various different flavours of kink. Such as stables where subs can be trained for pony play, or gentlemen’s clubs focusing on extreme objectification. The School where Anne is enrolled is more or less an “anything” sort of place, where the lessons are tailored to the individual and their needs (which makes the most sense for something as intensely individual as kink; seeing as there are as many ways to do BDSM as there are people doing it, the comment later on in the book that the school is planning on changing from one-on-one specialized tutelage to a more classic schoolroom model is…. strange, to say the least). Although this sort of thing is not exactly very realistic (where are the munches?? the play parties?? the community vetting??) it’s a fun kind of fantasy that I did find quite amusing for a fictional kink setting.

The story would have been a whole lot sexier, in my personal opinion, if Anne’s needs and desires were more explored. As it is, it reads as a pretty basic blow-by-blow of physical events. First someone pinches her nipples, then fingers her pussy, then she’s being tied up, then fucked. It’s very visually oriented and although her shame and embarrassment is often key to the nature of the scenes, it surprisingly doesn’t actually spend a lot of time exploring her emotional state or POV. Perhaps it’s because the kink in this book is so intensely focused on depersonalization and objectification, to degrees that are really not exactly my kink, but the lack of focus on what Anne gets out of all of this was a bit of a buzzkill. I was also a little squicked by how often kink play that Anne had absolutely no say in if she wanted to participate in were thrown at her to her dismay and surprise; it’s one thing to have her be nervous about trying something new and another entirely to have her unaware and straight up not wanting to try the thing and I’d have appreciated her having more actual input. That said, I did very much appreciate the depictions of subdrop. Anne is often very spacey and out of it after the very intense scenes she is put through and the characters tend to shine the most in these softer moments.

If you want some truly raunchy BDSM porn, it’s a very good bet that you will thoroughly enjoy this book. It’s worth reading just for the creativity of the scenes alone, and covers a wide enough range of kinks that there should be something in here for everyone. (Of course covering a wide range of kinks also means that there’s more possibility of being squicked so do mind the warning tags) It’s not exactly a great “Kink Representation” book as it is not an especially realistic portrayal of BDSM play (I kept wanting to scream at the instructors about the importance of the Red-Yellow-Green system for instance) but as a piece of fantasy driven porn it is quite satisfying.

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