20 Questions About Books

Another tag fill, because these are quite fun to do every so often, and I figured it would be a good way to introduce the person behind the blog a little 🙂

Original Meme Post is found here!

How many books is too many books in a series?
I don’t think there actually is an amount that’s too much. I will admit that I find it hard to start in on series because length can be intimidating (heh) but as long as a story takes to tell, it takes to tell. That said I am fond of round numbers like 10 (although who has ever complained about a trilogy?)

How do you feel about cliffhangers?
Cliffhangers are simultaneously the best and worst thing in a piece of literature. Nothing makes me more anxious; and nothing makes me devour a book faster. They make a story exciting, if well placed, but they can also be overused. Like cooking with spices, they should be used appropriately for an extra kick, but not so much that they overwhelm the whole narrative so that all the reader remembers from the experience is the feeling of stress.

Hardcover or paperback?
A lot of the books I read are only available in ebook form, oops! I love the written word in any form that it is published and available to me, but if I had the option and the luxury of choosing, hardcover is always the most beautiful.

Favourite Book?
It’s currently Ai no Kusabi by Rieko Yoshihara . There’s something absolutely unique about it’s world and it’s characters that has haunted me for years and never quite let go.

Least Favourite?
Ha. Ha. Ha. It’s 50 Shades of Grey by EL James 😉

Love Triangles: yes or no?

The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?
I’m sitting at halfway through Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland, but it’s really really difficult reading as the prose, from the 1700s, is so archaic. I want to finish it eventually, but it’s proving a challenge!

A book you’re currently reading?
I’ve just started reading Aquiver by TD Cloud. It’s a high fantasy romance novel about a half-drow thief, an it’s quite charming thus far.

Last book you recommended to someone?
I actually just recced Prize of the Alien Captain by Cordelia Archer to someone earlier! It’s a cheesy sci-fi romance novel that was very enjoyable and fun to read.

Oldest book you’ve read:
I’m not sure… probably Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, but I want to put the Satyricon by Gaius Petronius under my belt at some point.

Newest book you’ve read:
Well that might actually be Prize of the Alien Captain, since I believe it only came out a few months ago!

Favourite Author?
I have to say that I hardcore stan PL Nunn. Their prose is fantastic, and their audacity in exploring such dark subject matter in their erotic works is incredible. Bloodraven is a close second to Ai no Kusabi in my favourites and I want to, at some point, read absolutely everything they’ve written.

Buying or borrowing books?
I don’t mind borrowing, but I prefer to buy.

A book you dislike but everyone else seemed to love?
Seeing how massively successful 50 Shades of Grey is, there are plenty of people out there who seem to love it. I thought it was garbage, but to each their own.

A book you loved but everyone else seemed to dislike?
I adored Honey X Honey Drops by Kanan Minami, despite never hearing a good word about it. I understand why. It’s tropey drivel, to be frank, but the heart loves what it loves.

Bookmarks or dog ears?
Oh, how dare you. Bookmarks, naturally. Don’t damage the pages!

A book you can always re-read?
I went back to the beginning to immediately start re-reading after finishing Captive Prince by CS Pacat. There’s something about the way this author writes characters that makes me charmed with them each and every time. I could read their interactions over and over.

Can you read while hearing music?
I do find music distracting, especially if it has lyrics. It must be instrumental, mellow, and very quiet, and I’d honestly rather just have silence while reading, or maybe the gentle patter of rain on the window.

One POV or multiple?
One or two. I mostly read romance novels so naturally, there are two lead characters and I don’t mind if the author sticks to one of their voices only or jumps between them both. But any more than that… ensemble casts tend to make it difficult for me to stay invested in anyone.

One sitting or over multiple days?
I’m a binge-read-in-one-sitting girl, but unfortunately life rarely gives me that sort of a span of free time anymore, so I have to read when I can. Which means it usually takes me a few days to get through a book.

Thanks for reading! These were fun questions to answer, and some of them really made me think! Consider yourself tagged if you want to fill this out too!

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