REVIEW: Crashing the Swingers Pajama Party by Larry Archer

Greg and Samantha innocently invite themselves to what they think is just a huge New Year’s Eve party given by neighbours that they’ve only met a couple of times socially. Imagine the surprise when they crash their neighbour’s New Year’s Eve Party only to discover that they are in the midst of a swinger’s pajama party, with over one-hundred people engaged in outrageous behaviour. Based upon an actual event, the party crashers are quickly drawn into the erotic world of swingers, where virtually anything goes. This HEA story follows the new couple as they quickly discover how much fun the Lifestyle can offer.

Warnings: BDSM, cheating, jealousy narratives, slut-shaming

Category: M/F, F/F

Crashing the Swinger’s Pajama Party is a porno novel about swinging, fucking, and BDSM. But mostly fucking. There’s a lot of fucking. It’s an absolute raunch-fest, and if you are looking for a book with copious amounts of pornographic content and a lot of down and dirty scenarios, this is totally going to fit the bill! I was given a free copy for review purposes, all opinions here are my own and completely impartial.

This is pretty well written, especially given that it doesn’t really need to be to be effective. It’s porn, but there’s good dramatic depth to it’s plot and the prose flows very nicely. It goes back and forth between Greg and Sam’s POVs and gives a very compelling amount of insight into both of their mentalities and thoughts about the craziness of stepping into this alternate lifestyle. Plotwise it reads like a melodrama, the dialogue is a bit hammy, so all in all it’s got that pretty classic porno vibe.

Emotionally this was a very up and down journey. I really liked Sam, and I felt emotionally connected to her and her experiences. I didn’t like Greg so much, and found it very difficult to be interested in him since he was, quite frankly, such a self-righteous ass a lot of the time. He was constantly, in his internal monologues and thoughts, slut-shaming his wife for having fantasies similar to his own fantasies, and then later engaging in acts similar to acts he himself was engaging in. When they initially crash the party and end up swept up in the world of orgies and sexcapades, he is disturbed and disgusted at seeing his wife sucking his neighbour’s dick… right after he himself got his dick sucked and ate out his neighbour’s wife. I understand that the character is meant to be conflicted, and it’s very well written conflictedness, but good lord did I ever want to shake him.

Apart from that, Sam’s gradually developing cock-craziness ended up killing her interest in her husband, which isn’t really the turn I wanted the book to take. I was hoping, going in, that their discovery of the swingers lifestyle would strengthen their relationship, not hurt it. Emotionally, I was all over the place between wanting Sam to unleash her inner slut, and wanting Greg to stop shaming Sam and have them both come out of it enjoying a new facet of their sexuality and lives together. Alas, you don’t always get the story progressions or endings you want as a reader!

As this book takes place in the modern world, the biggest facet of worldbuilding is the portrayal of a swingers community. I don’t have a lot of experience with swinging comms (and presumably this is based on a real one), but I do have experience with BDSM comms and I did find myself a little alarmed at how often sex went undiscussed and unnegotiated. When the couple first arrive, Larry informs them that one of the two most important rules at the orgies is that “no means no”… which is quickly contradicted by Foxy informing them “unless you play with ME” followed by absolutely zero discussion of safewords, limits, or comfort levels before Greg is being made to jump into a whipping scene with strangers.

Now, this is a porno. As such, I’m not expecting it to be a perfect healthy portrayal of the ins and outs of a well run and moderated sex community. I don’t need characters to be constantly breaking from the “action” in order to hammer out contracts and discuss what sort of play they would like to engage in, as I understand that that can ruin the “mood” of a piece like this. And the author does have more than a couple of points in the text in which Larry reassures both Sam and Greg that they can stop if they are uncomfortable.

The other characters, members of the community, are also very well fleshed out for their roles in the story and it gives a compelling glimpse into a vibrant and thriving little swingers group. Just, take their SSC practises with a grain of salt. 😉

And the piece de resistance, the reason you’re (presumably) here: Is the sex hot? Well, of fucking course it is. It’s a porno through and through, and amidst all of the soap-opera style relationship drama, it is intensely sexual. The story moves through an absolute cornucopia of sex fantasies, most of them derived from the taboo nature of infidelity and sexual relations with strangers. There’s also a heavy degree of voyeurism, BDSM play, and just the general fantasy of extremely voracious cock-crazed women who just loooove big dicks, and orgasm at the mere taste of cum, but also enjoy fooling around with each other too. It’s not exactly my own personal preferences in my smut, but it’s playful and it’s explicit to the 10000th degree and if you’re looking for extremely enthusiastic slutty fucking around, this is the book for you!

Porno books like this are actually surprisingly hard to come by. This genre is mostly filled with short one-shots, but full length porn novels, especially ones that aren’t harlequin-styled bodice ripping romances? Much rarer. It’s always a neat experience to get to read a book like this, because sexual content outside of the pornographic film industry is so inherently taboo itself. I enjoyed reading it, even if it didn’t scratch my own itches, it may very well scratch yours.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Crashing the Swingers Pajama Party by Larry Archer

  1. Thanks for reviewing my story and I’m glad that you enjoyed the story even if, “[I] enjoyed reading it, even if it didn’t scratch my own itches, it may very well scratch yours.”

    And you’re right, Greg was a self-absorbed asshole but got his comeuppance in the end, in the true sense of the word. LOL


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