Breaking Undertow by AL Bennet and Elizabeth King

Edward Evans (‘Eddy’ for short), is the sidekick to the greatest superhero in the city, Captain Thunder. As Undertow, he is entrusted with stealth missions and espionage, due to his ability to breath underwater. Skilled as well in combat arts, he is a much talked of rising star in the superhero world… so talked of that he has apparently made some enemies. A mysterious supervillain known only as Nevermore, a sinister kingpin who rules from the shadows and is known for breaking people’s minds with his mental manipulation powers, is only too happy to kidnap and break the young hero, for a price.

Warnings: Noncon, Conditioning, Master/slave dynamics, BDSM

Category: M/M

BDSM Ongoing Web Serial. Collaborative storytelling complete with illustrations and comic panels. This is hardcore kink, bondage, BDSM fiction and is intended only for an Adult audience!

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