REVIEW: Eliza and the Raptor by t’Sade

The only crime Third Lieutenant Eliza committed was stealing a few precious minutes of her patrol to pleasure herself. On the FCM Quantor Generation Ship, where reproduction occurred in test tubes and an active libido was a crime, she was found guilty of treason. Her superior officer sentenced her to a life of hard labor in the mines, with a threat of execution if she touched herself even once more.

In the midst of her personal hell, salvation came when they pulled her from the depths of the asteroid ship and assigned her to aid the newly encountered sentient dinosaurs and their massive fleet of war ships. Unspoken was the hopes that she would die while spying and the FCM would use her death to steal the fleet’s technology. No one could expect that Fleet Master Kraken would see something else in the former prisoner. She not only appealed to his joy of Machiavellian plots, but also to his more primal lusts. And Kraken wasn’t opposed to exploring beyond his own species and satisfying his own curiosity of what humans did when they stole a few moments of pleasure.

Warnings: Violence, alien fucking, suicide baiting, con-noncon

Category: M/F

Eliza and the Raptor is a quirky and playful sci-fi porno novel featuring an alien race that resemble our concept of dinosaurs.

If one is marginally familiar with the world of Amazon erotica, it’s hard to avoid knowledge of the massive genre there of dinosaur fuck books. Popularized by authors like Christie Sims and Alara Branwen and parodied by Chuck Tingle and others, dinofuck is now it’s own incredibly unique phenomenon. And as a connoisseur of weird smut books, I have wanted to read and review something in this genre for some time, but the biggest issue I find with the genre is that most works in it are short stories, and not full length novels or novellas as I prefer to read and review.

I was delighted, then, to find Eliza and the Raptor, which is not only the only full length dinofuck book I can find, but is also written by an author that I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past and who I know does not pull any punches in committing fully to a bizarre premise. While the “raptors” in this book are technically aliens and not dinosaurs, they are dino-adjacent enough to satisfy the requirements of the genre while also supplying a good amount for anyone into alien fucking as well.

The story of Eliza the Raptor is a rather silly one, about a human society in the far distant future that has outlawed all forms of sex and sexual feelings and actions. Bringing to mind Ninja Sex Party’s 6969 track, this is a story about seeking freedom from sexual repression that, while a bit of a cartoonish premise, is at least an exaggeration of a real issue, especially in today’s increasing climate of content censorship. I really loved the complete commitment to it’s premise, going all in on the campy sci-fi porno vibe. There’s a lot of great action towards the end, twists and turns, political conspiracies and laser gun battles, all fleshing out what is a very fun story.

I loved Eliza, and really came to be invested both in her as an individual, as well as in her slowly growing relationship with the mysterious and suave Kraken. Eliza’s desire to fit in with her human society, while struggling with her own sexual needs and desires rings very familiar if you’ve grown up in an environment of sexual repression. The duality of knowing on some instinctual level that they are wrong, while also still craving their validation and subsequently wondering if it’s actually yourself that’s wrong or broken since you can’t fit the mold, is pretty powerful stuff, even if it is being delivered here in the form of a cheesy porn premise. There’s a good backbone of emotional depth to the character of Eliza as she grapples with all of that, with the choice to leave behind the life and people she’s known in favour of pursuing her own happiness, and that was really fantastic. And Kraken’s role in that journey to self discovery and acceptance was charming and well paced. Kraken never forced the issue but instead was a perfect gentleman who facilitated her gradual steps towards her new life, and I loved him.

The setting was very well fleshed out!! The author fleshed out two very
distinct societies between the human’s society and history and the alien’s mothership space colony and it was altogether a fascinating setting! The humans in this book are descended from puritans who left Earth in order to create a sexless society where all forms of sexual action and expression are outlawed; to get away from the “freaks” and their messy lustful impulses. That idea (frighteningly) doesn’t seem too far-fetched, and one wonders if we had the science required to grow lab babies if there wouldn’t actually be people lobbying for a world without any form of sex. Considering one of my major reasons for even running this blog is the taboo nature of sexually expressive fiction, it’s a subject that is of interest to me.

Apart from that, the book also fleshes out an alien colony ship where a variety of aliens that look rather similar to Earth dinosaurs live in a tentative harmony. There are many facets to this society that the author takes their time in exploring, from the hierarchy and political structures to the day to day lives of the people on the ship. Where the author did kind of lose me however is in the alien-dino reproduction. I wasn’t really sure I followed the explanation of egg incubation and the transference of colour patterns, but the mating rituals are quite frankly hot enough that I didn’t really mind.

As expected from my previous experience with t’Sade novels, the sex in this book is very steamy. The main bulk of it, in the beginning, is made up of a lot of masturbation sequences riddled with guilt and shame on Eliza’s part, as she struggles and fails to get her libido under wraps. There’s also the constant tease of the desire for sex but lack of avenue to explore it. But once she starts engaging with Kraken, things get even hotter. Voyeurism and exhibitionism, inter-species exploration (and finally someone writing an alien love interest that is actually alien!) size difference and oviposition are all features of the smut and I loved it. There’s even a violent, rough side to Kraken’s sexual desires that Eliza finds arousing and engaging and the roleplayed prey take-down scene is fantastic. I think that the fact that the sex is as slow and gradually built up to as it is really adds to the sexy appeal of the book, and that slow burn keeps the reader anxiously waiting for the final exhale, which was great fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single chapter of this silly little book, and thought it was great sexy fun. It’s not as down and dirty as t’Sade’s other novel, The Mummy’s Girl, but it’s also got a lot more heart and well fleshed out characters and setting. It may not technically be a dino-fuck book since the dinosaurs are actually aliens and sentient, but it’s a really really fun cheesy alien-fuck book.

Have you read Eliza and the Raptor? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Eliza and the Raptor by t’Sade

      1. Me too!! It’s hard to find romance or erotica where the alien or monster really is more than just a human with odd coloured skin or a tail lol so I’m always quite pleased to something that commits more fully. This one was fantastic on that front! If you buy it I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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