REVIEW: Buttageddon: The Final Days of Pounding Ass by Chuck Tingle

What would you do if you could never pound another butt? How far would you go? For Pupper, an unassuming 9-to-5 office wizard from Billings, Montana, the answer is “as far as it takes.”

When Pupper and a handful of Unicorn Butt Cops leave town on an errand for Mayor Fancy, they encounter a demon unlike anything they have ever seen. The group returns home to find the populace of several major cities across the United States have been systematically kidnapped by devilmen, and they set out to find the one responsible, Ted Cobbler. Now our hero, his unicorn lover, and a bad boy dinosaur wizard find themselves on a trek across this apocalyptic America, complete with ravenous mutant asses and flying cocks with scalding hot loads.

Warnings: slight love triangle, general silliness

Category: M/M

Buttageddon: The Final Days of Pounding Ass is the second of legendary short story author Chuck Tingle’s full length novels. It is an apocalyptic sex comedy set in a world of magic, talking dinosaurs, and butt cops. Chuck Tingle’s unique writing sensibilities are of course what he is well known for; absolutely ludicrous characters in a silly world revolving around gay sex, or, as Tingle refers to it, “gayness” and “butt pounding.” While I don’t read Tingle’s shorts (lovingly referred to by the author as “tinglers”) because I prefer full length novels, I have previously read and reviewed his first novel, Helicopter Man Pounds Dinosaur Billionaire Ass, so I more or less knew what I was in for. Buttageddon, however, cranks the crazy up a notch, and Helicopter Man was already pretty crazy.

Chuck Tingle certainly has a flair for the comedic, from the oddly straightforward way all the characters talk about sex, to the silly pun names, to the bizarre nature of the worldbuilding. Buttageddon not only incorporates all the silly sex comedy you could think of, but also parodies dramatic end of the world stories and fantasy realm quests as well. Ted Cobbler, the dark evil wizard, is hellbent on putting an end to butt pounding, and thus to love, so that he can control the population and take over the world! The humor is in just how very seriously all of these characters take the entire situation, creating a surrealism atmosphere that will have you laughing the entire way through.

It is, of course, also important to understand that Tingle is not just parodying genres, but he’s also a troll author, and he’s often parodying bad writing. As such there is a distinct probably-on-purpose lack of professionalism in the editing of the prose, with spelling and grammar errors, as well as some instances when characters get mixed up and you have Zakeff being called Clobe even though Clobe is not present in the scene or some such. Either this is done on purpose (in which case it’s brilliant) or Chuck isn’t really taking this project seriously enough to edit, but either way it adds to the charm if you can appreciate the trolling.

Unlike in Helicopter Man, where I did not especially care for or feel connected to the main character, I legitimately adored Pupper. Pupper was such a sweetheart, and I loved seeing him come into his own, going from being a humble novice office wizard to being a badass hero. His relationships with both Clobe and Zakeff were beautifully developed over the course of their adventure, and I really loved each one of this story’s cast. Clobe in particular is such a wonderful, caring, heroic unicorn, I was rooting from the very start for him and Pupper. And even bad boy Zakeff surprised me by developing substantially by the end of the story. I’d be thrilled to read a continuation of their adventures. As silly as the book is, I’m being perfectly authentic when I say that I was invested in the characters and excited for their triumphs.

As before, I am still head over heels in love with Chuck Tingle’s worldbuilding prowess. The universe he’s created for his tinglers and novels is hilarious but very expansive and with a lot of potential for all sorts of shenanigans. And the reader is introduced to the world as the story unfolds, showing us glimpses into the daily lives of the people of Billings and their office farm, the butt cops that are sworn to protect it’s citizens and to pound butts, and the mutant ass-creatures that roam around thanks to scientific experiments gone awry. And, of course, sentient dinosaurs, unicorns, and living objects integrated into normal every day life amongst the humans. There’s also the exploration of schools of magic (as well as some examples of spells from each school in the back of the book) that obviously plays into the development of Chuck Tingle’s official tabletop RPG: The Tingleverse. By the time the book has reached true ridiculosity and the characters are climbing up butthole volcanoes and running from burning-hot cum shooting cockbirds, you’re already so well integrated into the setting that it feels like a natural extension of this universes workings. The surrealism is accepted, and embraced.

I wish that Tingle had done a little bit more describing of the sex, mainly because his smut is very insert tab A into slot B. If you actually had a unicorn banging fetish you probably wouldn’t get a lot of out this, smut-wise. Of course it’s to be understood that Chuck Tingle’s books are more for comedy than any real eroticism’s sake, but I think being a tad more descriptive would have made the sex more humorous as well. If you’re going to give us horse cock you might as well commit, right? Describe that giant schlong! That said, the sex is actually truly emotional and sweet, and as silly as the prose can be surrounding it (one of my favourite passages involves describing the feeling of an upcoming orgasm as being like having a flower blooming inside of his stomach) it actually does a lot to make you feel there with Pupper in the moment, and I found it quite fluffy and lovely. The entire book is saturated in sexual jokes, puns and scenery as well, plugging sex directly into the worldbuilding. I’d expect nothing less from a Chuck Tingle.

I really really enjoyed Buttageddon, probably even more than Helicopter Man and while both books set up for a potential sequel, this is the one that I would want to see more of. I love it’s characters, it’s stupidly silly world, and it’s magic. I highly recommend this if you’re looking for esoteric and silly sex comedy (which, to be perfectly honest, is a genre that isn’t populated by a lot of quality) this one is fantastic.

Have you read Buttageddon: The Final Days of Pounding Ass? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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