CAREY (Statue Transformation)

The Adventures of Incubus Liu: Inter-dimensional Fugitive At Large #08
Weird Erotica – Immobilization, statue transformation, magical seduction and hypnosis kink

The nefarious and infamous Liu is a known shapeshifter: an illegal magic user on the run from the Interdimentional Police, a force dedicated to tracking down felons just like him. Wanted on counts of kidnapping, unlawful transformation, and magical seduction. These are the stories of his victims.

When Carey’s car breaks down in the middle of the woods, he doesn’t expect to get lost while looking for help. But before he can panic at his situation, he finds a peaceful courtyard with a refreshing fountain that seems to draw him into it’s cool water. When he steps into the pool, however, he soon finds that he is becoming a part of the fountain himself! Luckily a charming stranger happens upon him to aid him… but will this stranger help him, or make it worse?

Eighth in a series of shorts which will eventually be compiled in a 10 chapter novella of Weird Erotica. This is a series that will include transformation, vore, cock vore and other weird fantastical kinks of a surreal nature. Please enjoy! 

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