20 Reading Questions

Snagged this list of book questions off of Twitter and thought I could do a great blog post here with them! I unfortunately do not have information on the originator of it, since it’s been circulating so wide on Twitter, but here we go:

1- Favourite Genre to Read:
I love reading epic fantasy novels, with sprawling worlds, political upheaval and magic systems that just so happen to also include romance and sex. Danmei novels are fantastic for this. (Fave being The Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat) Slavefic can also be quite good at it, though it’s more hit and miss. (Fave being Bloodraven by PL Nunn) A lot of them aren’t anywhere near as involved or well developed as I’d like them to be.

2- Current Book You’re Reading:
I just finished reading Black Kitten by Melissa Sweeney, a crime drama/romance novel set in 1920’s New York’s LGBT and scene. I haven’t yet picked up my next one, but it will probably be The Witch of the Winter Woods by Foxglove Lee, a paranormal Christmas ghost story, which looks very interesting. I am also following updates on the fan translation of the danmei novel Poison of the Human Panacea by Mr. Deep Sea!

3- First Book You Remember Loving:
I read a whole host of romance novels in my highschool years that I cannot recall the titles of. My favourite one, which I dearly wish I’d kept, now, was about a man who ends up mistakenly sleeping with his boss’s wife, but his boss and his wife had been in a sexless marriage so the boss was okay with it and gave him his blessing to keep sleeping with her. War breaks out though, and she gets taken captive by enemy troops and becomes a kept woman for a military leader. Lead male character has to rescue her. He takes her back home after that to formally be his wife. It was one of the most explicit novels I can recall reading, and it notably was the first time I’d ever heard about ben wa balls! Alas, I can no longer find it.

However, the earliest romance/smut novel I can remember reading that I DO recall the title of, is Into the Shadow by Christina Dodd. It features a panther shapeshifter and his captive woman, though about halfway through the book the noncon stops and it becomes fluffier and more vanilla romance with an action/adventure type plot taking over.

4- A Book/Series You Wish Would Be Adapted To Film:
I think that the Captive Prince books by CS Pacat would make an incredible TV Series, with all of it’s drama, politics and romance. It could be right up there with Game of Thrones! I can just picture Damen being played by Oscar Isaac.

5- Favourite Protagonist:
I really love Phédre in Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. She is such a unique character, and her voice is such a stunning depiction of not only physical, but mental and emotional masochism. I loved following her experiences and found her incredibly relatable.

6- Favourite Antagonist:
I adore Elvardo from Bloodraven by PL Nunn. He’s both an antagonist, as well as an ally, to the main characters. He’s one of those characters that will help you if it suits him but he’s also terrifying if he’s not on your side. He gives me shivers, he’s so perfectly alluring and intimidating all at once.

7- Do You Write Any Stories?
I sure do! All of my novels can be found here on my blog, on the My Books and Art page!

8- A Movie You Think Was Better Than The Book:
Not a lot of the stuff I read gets adapted into movies/shows hahah! While it still has it’s issues though, I do genuinely think that the 50 Shades of Grey movie, based on the book by EL James, is a vast improvement on it’s source material, if for no other reason than by lacking that awful internal dialogue of Anastasia’s.

9- Best Book You’ve Read This Year:
I really really loved reading Land of the Beautiful Dead by R Lee Smith. It’s cheesy and repetitive at times, but it’s conversations are beautifully written and it’s smut is so impressively committed to the zombie romance premise, I was in love with it. It’s not everyday that you read a book where sex with the undead is described in such viscerally uncomfortable detail!

10- One Of Your Favourite Authors:
Mo Xiang Tong Xiu! I adore every single one of her danmei novels. Heaven Official’s Blessing is hands down my favourite of them, and I am very much awaiting the upcoming title The Grim Reaper Has No Days Off. Although she’s less kinky that I am, her stories and plots and characters are all so incredibly well crafted, I am headlong in love with anything she writes.

11- Least Favourite Genre to Read:
I really have trouble with “Literary” works; ie meandering slice of life stories about listless people (usually middle aged men) musing about their lives and relationships. I need a sweeping plot to keep me engaged, and I love fantasy and science fiction, wheras stories set in the real world tend to bore me. Crash by JG Ballard was interesting, though!

12- A Book You’d Recommend to a Friend:
Most recently I’ve recommended Tales of Nevèrÿon by Samuel R Delany to people for it’s incredibly insightful exploration of social dynamics, economics and capitalism, as well as it’s fascinating inclusion of frank conversations about kink sexuality. It was published in the 70s, and it’s still a fantastic piece of work that really made me think a lot!

13- Favourite Film Adaptation of a Book:

The live action adaptation of Mo Dao Zu Shi by MXTX, Chen Qing Ling, is really really well done. It changes a lot of the plot in strange ways that I didn’t always appreciate, but the actors were all INCREDIBLE and did an amazing job carrying the story anyways. They played the roles immaculately and I loved watching the drama!

14- Book You’ve Read The Most Times:
That would have to be a tie between Captive Prince by CS Pacat, and Ai no Kusabi by Reiko Yoshihara. Captive Prince I literally went back to reread as soon as I was finished the first read, and I’ve ever written alternative scene fic for it! Meanwhile Ai no Kusabi I have read once, but watched the anime adaptations of more times than I can count! Both are some of my all time faves.

15- A Book You Didn’t Expect to Like:
While it wasn’t that I expecting it to be bad, I wasn’t expecting to love Blowing It! by Tim Popper as much as I did. It’s a novel about balloon fetishists, and it is also an incredibly endearing picture of middle aged married love and romance. I adored it.

16- Favourite Classic Book
I recently finished reading Story of O by Pauline Réage and was really taken with it!! It’s a truly lovely little tale about a woman coming into her own in a BDSM-type lifestyle, owning her submission and her masochism. It was much more sensual, and romantic and with a stronger focus on relational dynamics and love and trust than I had expected it to be, despite it’s rather harsh content. I really really loved it.

17- Book That’s Impacted You The Most:
A very, very big part of my “kink awakening” if you will, was the Phantom of the Opera novel by Gaston Leroux, as well as it’s musical adaptation. Although not explicit itself, it showcases a profoundly kinky power dynamic that spoke to me very very deeply when I was young, and I’ve never quite shaken it’s influences. There is also an explicit retelling of it titled Unmasqued, by Colette Gale 😉

18- If You Could Meet One Author, Who Would It Be?
I would adore to meet Chuck Tingle, author of many a ridiculous sex comedy book, my favourite being Buttageddon: The Final Days of Pounding Ass. His work is so delightfully surreal and I’d love to pick his brain about everything from erotica to politics.

19- An Author You Think More People Should Know About:
I love t’Sade’s novels! The Mummy’s Girl is one of the most ambitiously sinful erotic novels I’ve ever read, and Eliza and the Raptor is a fantastic alien romance. Niche stuff but WELL worth looking into if you can handle some hardcore kink content!

20- Favourite Book of All Time:

Ai no Kusabi by Reiko Yoshihara. It will be very difficult to top this light novel series for a hardcore power exchange dynamics and noncon, plus incredibly breathtaking worldbuilding and political landscape, and a big sweeping epic plot. It’s an absolute MASTERPIECE.

And that’s it for that questionnaire! If you’d like to fill it out as well please be my guest!

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