REVIEW: The Accident: Becca Starts Smoking by Jinx Button

Becca is an actress and smoking on stage is all part of the job, anyway they’re not even real cigarettes… As Becca attempts to learn the art of smoking, something begins to happens to her. New feelings and sensations are unlocked as she discovers the pleasures of cigarettes.

Warnings: substance use, casual sex

Category: F/F, M/F

The Accident: Becca Starts Smoking is a short smoking fetish novella detailing the journey Becca, the titular character, takes into the world of smoking and the sexcapades she gets up to therein. A pretty breezy read, it is sensual and evocative, and explores a fetish that I have not had much experience with as a non smoker myself. Although the image of a sophisticated debutante with a cigarette held between two fingers and smoke billowing artfully from between her lips has it’s admitted appeal, I did not really understand what might make such an appeal sexual. And so, I decided to pick it up. Jinx Button has a few other novellas out as well, and all are about the first time experiences of new smokers.

This is written fairly well, with a lot of descriptive prose and a lot of inner dialog detailing Becca’s thoughts. It reads as a bit of a memoir, with Becca recounting for us how she started smoking and why she was hesitant to do so. She’s always been a good girl, and getting to cut loose and be rebellious is a big part of the draw for her to the sinister and taboo world of smoking. She is an actress, tasked with portraying a smoker in a play, and so she starts trying to learn how to convincingly smoke just to get into the role. But as she does so she finds she likes it more than she thought she would, and also is drawn to her co-star, and finds that the smoking and the sex are linked experiences. It was pretty fun to read this tale of elicit affairs and debauchery, and it was written well enough to fully convey these experiences.

Unfortunately the characters aren’t especially well fleshed out or engaging. (Ironic, given the lead character’s lives as actors and their attempts to bring their played characters to realistic life via method and immersion.) Ultimately, only Becca has a lot of depth, with everyone else, her sexual partners included, being more like props in her story. That said, she is developed well enough to garner some reader attachment to her little tale, and interest in her developing sexuality. She is bisexual and finds herself in encounters with various people as she grows more attached to smoking, and that is an interesting progression. Even if her partners don’t matter so much as her experiences with them, we do get to know her fairly well for a short piece like this.

Worldbuilding isn’t a large facet here, but for what is there we do get a fairly decent background into the world the characters inhabit. Becca is an actress, taking parts in plays and trying to get her career to take off. She’s been apparently raised rather conservatively by a mother that used to be a drug addict who has warned her strictly against smoking as the gateway drug to a rough lifestyle. Her co-star is on the verge of a TV breakout. The props department guy gets his smokes cheap from Poland. All of these little details go into fleshing out the setting for the characters to engage in.

This is a piece of fetish fiction; as such the main star of the show here is the fetish content. It does contain sex, a fair bit of it, but these scenes are less of a focus than the journey into smoking and the experiences with smoking. The sex is described only enough for us to picture a visual blow by blow of the action but the smoking: this is where it’s true eroticism lies. It is as descriptive of the experience and feelings of smoking as another book might be about portraying body parts and sex acts. Indeed, one certainly gets the feeling that to Becca (and, naturally, the author) smoking itself is a sex act. The smoking does get incorporated into sex eventually. Plenty of passages where smoke is being blow into someone’s mouth during sex, or a drag is taken mid coitus, or a cigarette is passed around between sexual partners. But even before this, when the smoking was happening solo, it was in sensual moments that are clearly erotically charged. Did this give me a smoking fetish? No, but it certainly gave me a rather compelling window into how the author sees smoking, and it was a lovely experience to be able to dip my feet into.

While smoking may not be my fetish, it was a wonderfully enriching experience to read about it through the eyes of someone for whom it is. I enjoyed breezing through this, and if cigarettes gets you going this was a great little blend of sultry smut and sensual smoking.

Have you read The Accident: Becca Starts Smoking? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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