Writer’s Questions!

This is another one of those twitter question tags! Feel free to swipe it from me to answer yourself!

1: What genre do you write in?
I struggle to quantify my genre. There’s generally a lot of fantasy/scifi elements, but its explicit enough to be considered porn/erotica, but its focused enough on relational development to make it read more like romance, but its a little too dark/nonconny to be considered truly romantic. I mostly call it “erotic horror”, “horror romance” or “gutterotica”…. or just “smut”.

2. How many projects have you started?
Currently? I’m only actively plunking away at one atm, a dating sim, but I’m also in school which is making it slower going than usual. I also have a sequel planned for The Adventures of Incubus Liu as well as third to complete the Vampire Masters Series so you could call those outstanding projects as well. There’s the collaboration webnovels project Dandelion Love with AL Bennet as well, which is updating weekly!

3. How many projects have you completed?
Not counting fanfics, I have four completed novels out as well as one completed collaborative webnovel on Dandelion Love.

4. Planner, pantser or plantster?
I am definitely a planner. I can’t work without an outline, the entire plot is done in point-form before I start writing!

5. Overwriter, underwriter, or just right?
Over OR under depending on how my ADHD is effecting me that day!! I am either in full on hyperfocus mode where I think and breath nothing but writing for 12 hours, or I have major brain fog and struggle to hammer out 400 words hahaha.

6. Which is your favourite part of the process, planning, drafting, or revising?
Definitely “drafting” I suppose, the actual meat of writing the thing. I find that especially enjoyable, and the outlining and the editing phases are just chores that have to be done to facilitate it.

7. What is your favourite tense to write in?
I use past tense most of all, and present tense ONLY for reader-insert stuff. I am old fashioned like that, I don’t think most things should be in present tense. It’s an uncomfortable tense to read OR write in to me and I feel like it should be reserved for second person writing.

8. Do you write romance into your projects? What kind?
Lol, as I said I write romance/erotica already so yes always. But whether the romance is “romantic” or not is more iffy. I tend to write darker relationships, some of which resolve into actual romances and some of which are intended to be read as horror. I also count power struggle relationships as “romance” even if they aren’t romantic at all.

9. What inspired your recent project?
The dating sim is inspired by the fact that I kept reading books where I was frustrated with how the MC reacted to various things, and contemplated how the relationships might have developed if the MC had done things differently. This made me want to write a story where the reader HAD that kind of control over the narrative, where I could demonstrate how different kinds of characters might react to each other. And so that’s why a CYOA/VN seemed the way to go to express this story.

10. Is it hard to kill your darlings?
I absolutely never kill my darlings. My darlings are my entire reason for writing the thing, they are the sole point. My writing is 100% self serving, I have no interest in tailoring it to conventional writing standards. I think less writers should be “killing their darlings”.

11. Which one of your OCs most surprised you?
In general it’s the RP characters that tend to go in directions I hadn’t planned on LMAO. When you’re writing collaboratively, you don’t have as much control of the flow of the narrative and end up incorporating more reactions and ideas than you would have thought of on your own. It ends up with a more loosely constructed narrative structure but with a lot more themes and concepts and it’s a really cool result!

12. If you had to choose one OC to bring to life in the real world, which one would you choose and why?
Definitely none of the vampires or aggressors. They would be a literal nightmare to deal with, I’d have to kill them and we’ve already established that I don’t believe in killing my darlings! I would have to pick Amy Prince from Rise of the Masters, because she’s a badass, and has a good heart, and is exactly the person you want with you in a crisis or apocalypse situation!

13. Have you modeled a character off of someone who hurt you, for cathartic reasons?
I did do that once, in one of the first fanfics I wrote, and it was very cathartic. I haven’t felt the need to do so since, though.

14. Are any of your characters self inserts?
Oh yes, ALL of my submissive characters are self inserts to some degree, and Amy is also a self insert of my “how I wish I was” self ahaha. (Does that make Amy and Dione a selfcest couple??? omg)

15. What’s the one thing you must know before starting a project?
I always start a writing project by desgining the characters. Who are they, and what their relational power dynamics are. Then from there I decide what kind of story to put them into.

16. What is your ideal writing environment and workspace?
Oh man, I wish I knew. I can’t be TOO comfy or else I get lazy, can’t be too NOT comfy or else I get distracted. Can’t have too much alcohol or my brain goes too fuzzy but a little bit of wine is relaxing enough to get me going. Sometimes I need utter silence, other times I need white noise like a rainstorm sounds or something. I wish I knew the magic formula though for real.

17. Would you rather write 10 books in the same world or 10 standalones?
I’d rather write standalones I think, because I loose interest in things pretty quickly. Once I’ve written something I want to move on to something new, which is partially why I phase out of fandoms so quick. I don’t know how some authors can write like 20+ books of the same story and characters but good on them!

18. Use three words to describe your current brand as an author:
Quasi-Romantic Kinky Smut 😉

Hope you enjoyed! I’d love to see your answers as well!

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