REVIEW: The Adventures of Silver Girl by M Kistulot

By day, Sarah LaSilvas is a waitress working for a woman named Linda who runs her own diner. By night, she becomes Silver Girl and takes to the rooftops to defend those who share her home of Midas City. Most of her patrols are uneventful, but when they aren’t they’re always memorable. Silver Girl’s life is turned upside down when she receives an invitation from a mysterious woman sent by the company Chronos. They claim to offer training, supplies, and funding to supers. When she goes to their 100 story headquarters to refuse, she is drawn into a web of hypnosis, mind control, and far more intimate situations with the women of Chronos than she would have ever imagined.

Warnings: noncon, dubcon, hypnosis, brainwashing

Category: F/F

The Adventures of Silver Girl is a superhero themed lesbian hypnosis fetish novel. The titular character Silver Girl is a bit of a B-List superheroine, struggling to make ends meat between her day job at a diner and her night career of being the dazzling Silver Girl, stopping crime in it’s tracks. She is brought into the Chronos company, and soon finds herself captured without even knowing it, as the various members of Chronos have their hypnotic way with her. It’s a full on extravaganza of hypnosis content, so if that’s your speed, well then buckle up.

The story is told from Silver Girl’s POV, and the writing is quite breezy and fun. It moves at a clipped pace, and Silver Girl tells her story and her thoughts and emotions exceptionally well. First person works perfectly for this kind of content, which is so dependent on mental states and experiences. That said, while the book is fun and engaging, it can also get quite repetitive. The scenes seem to blend together (ironically enough) and there could have been a tad more variety to each hypnosis scenario. Brains going all melty is great, but when they all read the exact same way it’s harder to stay invested. I wish that the author had put a little bit more thought into making each hypnosis scene unique from each other with more than just aesthetic flavor. But overall the writing is good and the plot, although loose, is fun.

It’s hard not to like Silver Girl. She’s kind of a ditz, even before she gets beset with a barrage of hypnosis mind control designed to make her stupid. It quickly becomes apparent why she’s never made it as a superhero; it isn’t that her powers aren’t good, but that her lack of survival instincts haven’t gotten her killed before now is amazing. As such, she’s kind of childish, but in a way that is fun and vibrant, especially for a story like this. As a reader you have to let go of wanting the lead to be competent and just embrace what will happen as she stumbles through everything with a ditzy giggle. The other characters are all equally charming, in varying shades of ditzy but dangerous, as they compete to overwhelm and dominate each other. The gothic Dust might be my favorite character, though the Lady who runs Chronos is of course incredibly sexy power fantasy. They each interact with Silver Girl differently, and I really enjoyed them all. Of course this is a porno novel, so there’s not really much character development outside of their sexy shenanigans, nor would I expect there to be, but with the limited scope of this sort of story the author did a brilliant job of fleshing them each out.

We don’t really get a whole lot of worldbuilding here. It’s more or less a superhero/metahuman setting, and Chronos is more or less some kind of supervillain organization but what their goals are, how they do business, what’s making them money isn’t especially relevant. The members of Chronos seem to be content fucking each other’s brains out and competing for hypnosis dominance, rather that actually giving us much of a look into how this world functions. Presumably the hypnotizing is a means to an end for the Lady at least. Each of the girls in the book have their own different powers but curiously enough they all do pretty much the exact same thing: Hypnotize and bimboify their victim. They just have vaguely different themes to them. (Pink’s is cutest and sounds the most fun in my opinion). It would have been nice to get a smidge more variety or more serious world exploration, but for what it is it’s alright.

This is where the book really shines as a piece of writing. It’s a hypnosis fetish novel, so if that isn’t your speed this isn’t going to be the book for you. If it is, though, oh boy. There is constant hypnosis content, and the implication that sex is happening while characters are under the influence of hypnosis. The sex itself isn’t graphically described, in fact it’s usually very vague about what exactly took place physically. That’s because sex itself isn’t really the point… the experience of being hypnotized is. The passages are beautifully written, as Silver Girl has her mind melted time and time again, slowly sinking into an altered state of blissful confusion that feels warm and fuzzy and comfortable. These esoteric fetish scenes were compelling and fascinating, as soothing as they were sexy. It’s also extremely nice to see a lesbian fetish novel like this that focuses on darker kinks and dubcon, rather than the innocent romance of much lesbian fiction. While it’s generally not violent in nature, Silver Girl struggles internally with the morality of hypnotizing and taking advantage of people, even as she becomes more and more embroiled in the sexy games at Chronos. Now, the scenes can get a bit repetitive in nature, given that all the girls’s powers kind of do the same thing, so if hypnosis isn’t your fetish… you might get bored after the first handful.

If you’re into hypno and bimbofication, especially of the lesbian variety, this book has a whole lot of content for you. It’s fun, it’s flashy, its light hearted and an easy read and it did a lot to put me into the experience of the hypnosis. It’s a little looser on plot and character development but it makes up for it with a lot of exuberance and heart. I very much enjoyed this and loved all of it’s characters. I whole heartedly recommend it if you’re looking for hypno content, or even just a change of pace in smut.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Adventures of Silver Girl by M Kistulot

  1. Huge fan of this series! Are you going to be reading the next ones in the series? It would have been easy for the sequels to be rehashes of book one, but they really stand out as being unique, and adding much more plot to the series (though it ramps up as the novel numbers climb)

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    1. Ahh I’m glad to hear!!! I probably won’t read more, mostly because the hypnosis isn’t really my own fetish, so it was interesting to read for one volume but not enticing enough to continue but I’m so happy to hear you’re a fan!! 😀


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