REVIEW: Visions of Sugar Plums by Wayne and Ann Triskelion

A religious cult has taken control of Cuba, turning it into a sexual playground. But, the Church of Morpheus has designs beyond the island. It plans world domination through sexual perversion. And, the organization is growing…

It’s Christmas, and Galleria Minnesota is packed with shoppers. When the mall announces a night of shopping for adults only, little do the merry makers know the mall has fallen under control of SlutzNet, the Church of Morpheus’s AI. It’ll give new meaning to the phrase: Ho, Ho, Ho’s…

Warnings: bimbofication, hypnosis/mind control, forced general transformation, forced sex change transformation, violence, dubcon, attempted rape/noncon, gender essentialism

Category: M/F, F/F

Transformations is, as of this posting, a 10 book series of erotic transformation fetish novels. Visions of Sugar Plums, the “Christmas Special” of the series is book 6, and although I have not read the previous instalments, I figured that since I needed to read some festive novels for the holidays, I may as well jump into the middle here. Although there are snippets of the story that seem to require a bit more context to fully grasp, overall this novel seemed to stand on it’s own quite well, which is no surprise in a series of porn novels about sex zombies. A bit of a parody, and every inch a fetish piece, this will be most appealing to a very niche audience.

This is sort of a tongue in cheek parody of zombie films. The main characters, an ensemble cast, are trapped in a mall when the super AI SlutzNet takes over and starts brainwashing and transforming mall shoppers into huge tittied/dicked sex crazed bimbos who can think of absolutely nothing but fucking. The main characters have to try to escape with their minds and their bodies mostly intact, though there will certainly be a lot of succumbing to sexual urges along the way. It’s got a surprisingly involved plot actually for this kind of work, revolving around a religious sex cult and it’s splintered factions, an AI gone rogue, government military operations, the whole shebang. For the most part these bigger plot points are summarized enough that the book can stand alone; I wasn’t overly lost not having read previous instalments, even if various characters that pop up would have been more familiar to me if I had. The whole series seems to be a fairly sweeping comedy epic, which I’m pretty impressed with, all things considered. It’s very ambitious for a porno series!

This particular instalment has a lot of very ridiculous and silly Christmas trimmings; it’s complete with a giant cocked sex Santa Clause, and people turned into Christmas “elves” who’s skin tastes like peppermint and who’s dicks and nipples are red and white striped like candy canes. ‘Ho ho whores’ and Merry Christmas, indeed.

Interestingly enough, the authors do not skimp on character development or relational growth. There are a number of couples in the book, from two roommates turned lovers, a Dominatrix and her submissive, and a married couple in the midst of marital strife. Although the main focus of the book is freelove sexcapades, it also takes it’s time letting us get to know the thoughts and feelings of it’s cast. I was most engaged with the couple trying to sort out their marriage, and one of the main character’s roomate-with-a-crush was frankly the most adorable thing once fully bimbo-ified. I really loved the cast, and even found the bigger players in the wider conspiracies who likely come into play more in the other books to be interesting. They had me quite curious. It’s not like the book is a character study by any means, but it’s also got a lot more heart than you’d expect to find in this genre. It was an especially positive portrayal of polyamory, and I couldn’t help rooting for all of it’s characters to get together.

Aside from the porn, worldbuilding seems to actually be this series major facet. The Church of Morpheus not only is plotting to take over the world via turning everyone into giant immortal sex crazed bimbos with impossibly proportioned bodies, but there’s also a divide in attitudes and factions within the Church itself. Not only this, but their AI has a rival company AI, and goes rogue when it assimilates it, becoming a player in it’s own right in the political arena. Most impressively, in my opinion, the fetish content is baked directly into it’s worldbuilding. It’s dependent on it, and it’s elaborate. There are various castes within the Church including Whores and Whoremasters, White Witches who run things, and a variety of other roles. Breast enlargements come with IQ drops, and Whoremaster cum forcibly bonds their sex partner to themselves for life. It’s all so very ingrained in it’s setting, and it’s all clearly fetish fodder, and the dedication behind weaving an entire setting for such content like this is truly impressive. Although I don’t really share these particular kinks, I was blown away by the sheer scope of the structure to the content.

Please note; there is some gender essentialism in this book, that could be quite a turn off to many readers. It’s all part of the appeal of this fetish, but if you don’t share the fetish it could be quite uncomfortable.

Interestingly enough, for a title who’s literal entire point is to be a porno, the sex itself isn’t especially lavishly described. I find a lot of this kind of fiction breezes through it’s sex content, which is strange to me considering it should presumably be the main focus. Whole sexual encounters are summed up in simple sentences, without much pause for the experiential quality that really gets me going, personally. Aside from that, the reading was more an intellectual exercise in learning about and understanding a kink than hot to me personally, but if you’re into hypnosis, bimbofication and bodily transformation there is an awful lot here for you! I think my favourite sex scene was the newly changed Christmas elves discovering that each other’s bodies now taste like candy. I will note though that while the book has plenty of M/F content as well as F/F content, there is a disappointing lack of any M/M. This is always a surprise to me in freelove orgy books like this… the idea that all the women are defacto bisexual but none of the men are is a bit absurd to me, and I wish the authors had included some dude on dude action.

Altogether I was pretty impressed with this book, even if it’s not my usual fare. It’s creative, it’s inventive and it’s scope is large and immersive. With 10 books currently in the series, there is a lot of content here to dig into if this is your thing; for me, one was enough, and I was quite happy for it to be the Christmas episode just in time for the holidays. It’s certainly an esoteric little number, and will have very limited niche appeal. You likely already know if you’ll enjoy it or not, but I was very glad to have gone on this truly wacky adventure.

Have you read Transformations? Let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment!

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Visions of Sugar Plums by Wayne and Ann Triskelion

  1. Thank you for your review! Yes, Visions of Sugar Plums was meant to be tongue in cheek and we had a great time parodying zombie flicks like Dawn of the Dead. For the most part, the other books in the series, while humorous in places, are a bit more serious… well, as serious as a book about a mind controlling church attempting to enslave humanity through bimbofication can be. All our fiction is strongly character centric and we really want our readers to find someone to identify with in the ensemble.

    Again, thank you for your review!

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