REVIEW: Abduction by Amelita Rae

In a freak accident, the hull of Hisao’s ship is breached by meteor debris and the young spaceman is sucked out into space. Terrified, alone and rapidly running out of oxygen, the young man waits to die until a bright light suddenly appears and sucks him into it. For a moment, Hisao thinks he HAS died, but his adventure has only just begun.

Aboard the alien vessel, Hisao encounters a monster straight from his worst nightmares. Katashi is the name his alien ‘rescuer’ calls himself and he is the perfect predator; towering over the little human at ten-feet tall, with carbon-plated armor for skin, a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs, super-human strength, acidic blood, venomous saliva and dozens of semi-autonomous tentacles. Poor Hisao fears the worst but fortunately for him (or unfortunately) the powerful creature sees the pretty little human not as prey to be consumed, but rather as the perfect little broodmare for the many offspring he wishes to sire. He feels no guilt about altering Hisao’s body without his consent and no qualms about breeding the beautiful young man against his will. The alien is utterly rational, but simultaneously devoid of human conscience or morality.

Warnings: noncon, alien fuck, oviposition, mpreg, forced sex change, forced breeding, brief piss/scat content

Category: M/M

Abduction is a BL light novel. It’s a science fiction fetish piece, with a primary focus on tentacle oviposition and mpreg. Hisao is a space explorer that is taken captive aboard an alien ship with a tentacle creature that wants nothing more than to breed him. It is one of many BL novels by Amelita Rae, and a very cheesy little drama incorporating both fetish and romance. Based on a description of it’s contents, you probably already know if this is the sort of thing you’ll be into or not, as it is a very niche kind of title, and one that I was very excited to come across.

The story follows Hisao’s POV and takes us through the events of his having to bail out of his destroyed ship in an escape pod, then being picked up by an alien spaceship, and the subsequent forced relationship and mating bond between him and his alien captor. Katashi surgically alters his body, giving him a a womb to hold eggs in and a vagina under his penis, and asserts that he wants to keep him as a breeding mate. While Hisao is initially upset and frightened, the story concerns them both learning about each other as they spend more time together. It’s written well, it’s fast paced and short in length, and it has an awful lot of punch. This could be an incredible animated smut piece, and it has a very cinematic quality to it that I liked a lot. Hisao is a fantastic character to see the events through the eyes of, and I really had a lot of fun following his experiences.

The emotional engagement of the story was really quite good. The author did a lovely job not only really anchoring us to Hisao’s experiences and emotions, but also portraying an alien creature that thinks and feels about things in a very alien, inhuman way. The relationship between the two of them is gradually developed, as Hisao understandably has a lot of complicated feelings towards his captor. Now, while I did really enjoy this aspect of the book, as Katashi comes to care for his chosen mate and learns the human concepts of empathy and morality, I should also caution that the progression of a victim falling in love with his abuser may be quite upsetting to many readers. There are some discussions in the book as well about rape fantasy, and why many people experience them and gravitate to them, which I don’t think was handled especially well. I think the author was trying to say something positive about such fantasies and the people that have them, but I’m not sure this was the story to tackle the subject in. Regardless, I was very much in love with all the characters, including Hisao and Katashi’s absolutely adorable children, and really felt connected to them and their story.

There is quite a bit of alien biology and culture showcased in this book, and the bug-like tentacle species that Katashi belongs to has a lot of interesting things going on. From the sexual dimorphism with cannibalistic females, to a society that revolves around a very “dog eat dog world” mentality with the strong out-surviving the weak, Katashi’s worldview and species’s traditions surrounding sex and childrearing are all fascinating and just as strange and otherworldly as I want them to be. So many alien romance books really shy away from making the alien too alien, but this absolutely goes full hog into embracing the depiction of a creature that is so far from being human that Hisao can barely stand to look at him in the beginning. The exchange of societal ideas between the two of them is also very well woven into the development of their relationship, and I really enjoyed that aspect a lot.

There are some really, very sexy scenes in this book if you’re into tentacle noncon, oviposition, mpreg, ect. Mind the warnings, of course, because it’s certainly potentially upsetting content, but I also found it very hot and very well written. The scenes where Hisao is bred by his alien captor, followed by birthing scenes, are so viscerally intense I couldn’t stop reading. It’s gripping, it’s frightening, it’s exactly the kind of edge of your seat, heart racing horror stuff I like in my smut. The author does use some words that aren’t what I would consider the sexiest however (“pussy-chute” and “anus” come to mind) and the piss/scat content wasn’t especially my speed, but it was brief enough that I was able to ignore it without it detracting too much from the stuff that I did really like, like the size difference kink, the alien biology exploration, and the fear/arousal combination which is always some of my absolute favourite stuff. Props to the author for creativity, I really really loved this unashamedly fetish piece.

This is a piece that is exactly what it says on the tin, and you already know if you’re going to love it or not. I really did enjoy it, even if certain aspects were not to my taste, and I will probably seek out more from this author when I’m in the mood for very steamy, very cheesy BL smut content. I recommend this if you’re into this sort of thing, it was a very wild ride.

Have you read Abduction? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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