REVIEW: Asfr’s Story from Shinenkan

The handsome actor Nagasaki Yuito has decided to spend his first day off in a while at a hot spring hotel deep in the mountains, together with his girlfriend Oosato Momoko and her little sister Chika. However, supernatural danger awaits them there…!

Warnings: Supernatural peril, mild loli content, sexism

Category: M/F

Asfr’s Story is a transformation fetish visual novel game. ASFR, in fetish terms, stands for ‘Alt, Sex, Fetish, Robot’, and is an umbrella term for a whole lot of different fetish interest in non-human or robotic beings, or as in this case, transformation into non-human beings. In this case, the focus is on transformations into statues, inanimate objects, and haniwa (clay figures from the Japanese Kofun period). It’s a very niche little indie title, and is going to have very specific appeal. There’s not really sexual content included though there is suggestive language, and the transformation aspects themselves will be the major draw for audiences interested in such fetishes.

This story concerns a guy named Yuito, his girlfriend Momoko and her little sister Chika, as they travel out into the country and stay at the mysterious Haniwa Hotel. Unknown to the three travellers, the Haniwa Hotegol is run by a sinister man who’s living is derived from transforming his female hotel guests into various items for sale. It is up to the player to find a way to make it through a night’s stay in this hotel without either of the girls being transformed! It’s quite fun as far as a mystery/horror story goes, with a basic plot that allows for all sorts of content that the player will be interested in seeing. The biggest writing issue is that the story is told in a first person POV but switches at times between lead characters, thus making it a little confusing to always know who exactly is narrating. Most of the time Yuito is the narrator, but we switch at times to Momoko, or the hotel owner, or various hotel workers, and it can be a little difficult to follow. Other than that, it is clearly a very indie game, and the graphic changes aren’t always the smoothest, and I do wish that the text had had a text box rather than being displayed overlayed on top of the graphics. But the graphics are cute and I found it a very enjoyable experience playing through it despite it’s little glitches.

There’s really not much emotional development in these characters, or great attachment to them from the player. They are there simply to be fodder for the evil schemes of the hotel manager, which is fine for this sort of thing. They do have some distinct personality traits however, which I found very charming and enjoyable. Chika especially is precious, with her rebellious attitude and her tsundere tendencies. Momoko is sweeter, a responsible big sister. Yuiko is blander than the girls, but then, he’s the player projection character so he doesn’t need to have much in the way of personality. There is some sexism in their dialogue concerning “the roles of women” from time to time, for instance Chika being chided for not being ladylike enough, but on the whole I very much enjoyed their interactions and found them fun and engaging.

While the worldbuilding is a little basic, it is also very strong in being exactly what it needs to be. There is an elaborate operation of human-turned-inanimate objects trafficking set up in this mysterious hotel where they have access to magic spells, body modifying chemical sprays, and supernatural entities all of which are bent on changing girls into things. There’s a living Haniwa King that wants to make girls into haniwa to serve in his kingdom, there’s a witch that just loves turning girls into food items, and the hotel deals in the selling of statues or the production of cardboard cutouts made from living people. Anything you can imagine, it probably exists in this setting, which is all built around facilitating more transformation content and scenarios. It was entertaining and engaging even if it wasn’t very complicated, and it really didn’t need explanation further than that.

There’s not really sex in this game at all, but it’s pretty apparent that transformation replaces sex in this fetish piece. The two girls are subjected to perilous scenario after scenario where they will be possibly caught and turned into objects. It’s generally pretty apparent how to avoid these “bad ends” (never let one of the girls go off on her own for instance) but of course the player doesn’t necessarily want to avoid them, instead the fun comes from seeing the various different ways that the girls might be caught and transformed. Personally I would have enjoyed it a little more if more than just girls were the targets of these sinister forces; it’s pretty often reiterated that the mysterious people are only interested in transforming girls, and I’d have loved to see them menacing guys as well. But the “bad end” transformation sequences are pretty fun to read, so if you’re into this fetish, I think you’d have a good time! However I would caution you if you aren’t a fan of loli content, while there isn’t sex there is certainly sexual comments being made about the girls. The graphics show us the girls in the nude, but they have no sexual details (nipples or genitals) like barbie dolls to keep it a little less explicit in nature.

This was a really fun little fetish visual novel, and I had a blast playing it. If you’re into this sort of stuff, check it out! The studio seems to specialize in these kinds of erotic transformation games, so you might enjoy checking out the rest of their titles as well if this is something that you enjoy. I was very pleased to play through this.

Have you played Asfr’s Story? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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