REVIEW: Sweet Tooth Satisfaction by TF Wright

Come one come all, to the magical candy tour. Indulge your cravings. Feed your desires. Consequences? Who wants to worry about those? Sweet Tooth is an illustrated furry/anthro story about a small group touring a candy factory, who find the place is more than it seems. The magic can range from concepts as clean and simple as “eat candy, get fat” to multi-topic changes, involving ethical dilemmas and game theory. Transformations involve both males and females and include weight gain, gender change, age progression, species change, macro, inflation, and more!

Warnings: Weight gain fetishism, sex change transformation

Category: M/F, F/M, F/F, M/M

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction is a furry novella complete with illustrations about a group of people who win a tour of a candy factory, and find a little bit more than they bargain for. Clearly rather playfully drawing from the tradition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweet Tooth Satisfaction is a transformation fetish novel that is going to appeal to a niche audience, one looking for a lot of sensual transformation furry content. It’s light hearted, fun, and even has a smattering of philosophical musings on the nature of humanity.

The book is written simply, and the atmosphere makes the book a breezy, rather fun kind of read. I think that it could have worked in a darker, more frightening and foreboding kind of tone to make it read a little more like horror but instead I was treated to a very upbeat and punchy narrative that takes it’s characters on a wacky adventure. Much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each character in the book is put through a test after which they are transformed into something new. Although, in the case of the cast of Sweet Tooth Satisfaction, I think that their fates are a lot more optimistic than the fates of, say Violet Beauregarde or Agustus Gloop!

It also has some truly adorable illustrations included that really added a lot of charm to the whole thing. Like an adult picture book, it gives us full immersion with its lovely illustrations of the characters and their journeys.

Each chapter focuses on a different character, and on a different kind of vice and transformation. Unfortunately we aren’t really able to get to know any of the large cast in a kind of intimate manner, and so it leaves character development and engagement a little by the wayside in favour of fetish fodder. Which is fine, really, it is a fetish novel through and through and I don’t think that it would be fair to really judge it’s characterization beyond the few simple traits that each character has. Some are vapid, or courageous, or smart, or greedy. It does a solid job of quickly establishing each character in the limited span of time it has before it plunges us into the real meat of the story which is the transformation content.

This takes place in a furry world, where everyone is an anthropomorphic wolf or cat or dragon or what have you. If you aren’t familiar with the furry community, this might seem a little bizarre! But really, if you aren’t familiar with the furry community, I doubt you’re looking at this book as a potential purchase in the first place. It’s certainly, as I said, a niche title, and its world serves this niche very well indeed. There is a bit of lore and backstory about the candy factory and the man who founded it, from a little introductory tour guide at the beginning, to the wonderful recap letter at the end which I found to be some of the most interesting content in the book. Beyond simply being a fetish novella, it includes these thoughts on the nature of sentience, and whether or not our lives are rational and morally driven, or if we are truly any different than animals, and analysis of each character’s actions and choices. This little book functions as a fantastic philosophical antithesis to historical works like de Sade’s, and I found that to be an unexpected but very pleasant surprise.

This is much more transformation fetish than it is sex content! Although there’s some sensuality and sex going on in the book, the more common component of the eroticism is the ways in which characters are transformed. Some change their sex and gender, others their species, others gain weight or inflate like balloons. It’s a cornucopia of transformation kinks, whatever your preferred flavour is. While I find this stuff fascinating on an intellectual level, it isn’t the kind of content that gets me going personally, and your mileage may vary since transformation is such a wide umbrella encompassing so many very specific tastes, and this obviously won’t hit the right note for everyone, but I’m
willing to bet it will for many. My favourite was the first transformation featured, because the concept of a gummy candy person is so cute!

All in all this is an interesting book and a must read if any of the things discussed above sound like your jam. You probably already know if you’re going to enjoy this or not just based on the descriptions; it’s furry transformation porn with a playful atmosphere and some positive outlooks on ‘human’ nature! Coupled with the adorable drawings, this makes for a very cute book.

Have you read Sweet Tooth Satisfaction? Let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment!

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