REVIEW: Superstorm Melon Date from Willy Elektrix

The future is here, and it totally sucks. No one has any money, and the the environment is a mess. It’s all good though because you’ve got a hot date tonight. You met Mel on the internet. They are half melon and might have psychic powers. They seem a little weird, but at least they’re cute. What could go wrong?
Warnings: none

Category: ☿️

Superstorm Melon Date is a short but sweet dating sim set in a post apocalyptic world where humans have survived by splicing their children’s DNA with melons. It’s clearly a very silly premise, and intended to be a comedic and sweet little affair, and is available for free on Steam or Itch.

Unlike other dating sims, there isn’t a cast of characters to choose from for romancing. Instead, you romance a melon named Mel, taking them on a date and seeing if the date works out, and if it might lead to something more. It is mostly all dialogue as you go through the process of a first date and getting to know Mel, and it wraps up at the end of it with an epilogue concerning how your relationship with them turns out. There are five possible endings, and it boasts no bad ends at all. It’s pretty short as VNs go, and it has quite a bit of humor in its strange premise. The artwork is very rough and unique, adding to the surrealism of the atmosphere.

Since this is a first date, the focus is on getting to know your new date-mate. You learn a lot about Mel over the course of the story, about their life and personality, unlocking different information depending on your choices. And it is certainly full of personality. Mel will tell you about themself, and side characters will appear and give more details about Mel’s past, and it’s all very sweetly done. That said, since the player character is a completely blank slate, the player character doesn’t end up talking much about themself, leaving Mel to do most of the talking. This has a strange effect where Mel can sometimes almost come across as rude or self centered, since they don’t really ask any questions or you give you the chance to speak. This is obviously due to the constraints of the medium, but is an interesting by-product where the date can feel a little strangely one-sided.

I adore the worldbuilding here, which is equal parts silly and oddly relatable within a post-COVID world. In this setting, massive super storms destroy the planet on a regular basis, forcing people into lockdown in bunkers to survive them. This results in extended isolation and social distance, making it harder to find people with whom to make connections. And when the storms do let up and people can come out and meet in person again, they do so in full force to take full advantage of the limited time they have to see people face to face. While the melon-humans bit is quite silly, the post-apocalypse isolation aspect of the setting will read almost heart-rendingly familiar to our collective experiences with the COVID pandemic lockdown. We may not have living melons walking around, but the difficulties of finding connections in a day and age when we cant leave our houses is a frustration that we have in spades.

There is a very small amount of sexual content towards the end of the date, if you play your cards right. It is not especially graphic, and maintains that PG-13 rating, but it does manage to convey a lot of emotion and connection between Mel and the player character. Mel is really cute and sweet, and the slow build of the date’s sexual tension and romantic progression really brings out some lovely scenes of love making. Now, as the game boasts there are no bad endings, and bad endings are generally the kinky ones that I play for, I will say that this is a very sweet, vanilla game so it doesn’t have the kind of spice that I tend to gravitate to, myself. But it is cute and enjoyable and especially with the entire concept of sex with a living melon being so esoteric in it’s absurdism, it was fun and enjoyable.

All in all this isnt a very involved or complicated VN but it is sweet and heartfelt and silly, and worth spending an afternoon playing around with. I had a lot of fun with it, and really liked the strange art and the stranger premise.

Have you played Superstorm Melon Date? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!


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