REVIEW: Australian Holiday by Harrison Warwick

Smug American Jason thought that his blind date with the comely Aussie Amanda would lead to fun down under. After all, they share common interests in mild BDSM, and plan a not-so-mild kidnapping scenario. Dominance and submission is based on trust, Jason reasonably believed, but a humbling experience with Amanda will soon devolve into a horrific one. Still, he can’t resist the beautifully intoxicating Goddess and her sexy compatriots.

Ultimately, Jason must decide whether to boldly sacrifice his mundane life to become their slave. It’s an insane move that would change his life, perhaps not for the better. Will his kinky obsessions lead to his tumultuous downfall? And just who is Amanda’s shadowy husband and what part does he play in Jason’s degradation? Why does the mysteriously evil Japanese woman seem to passionately hate Jason and obsess over his demise? And what about Jason’s ex who seems to have a soft spot for him? Will she save his life or betray him?

Warnings: noncon, extreme violence, sex slavery, piss content, racial insensitivity

Category: F/M, F/F

Australian Holiday is a nonstop action filled porno novel about a man kidnapped to be sexually tortured and degraded by a bevy of cruel and sadistic women. From that description alone, you probably already know whether or not this is going to be your speed. It’s a Femdom extravaganza, and one that is sure to excite the sadomasochist, so let’s dive right in!

The writing here is alright. There is not a lot of plot to speak of; the story is entirely a sequence of pornographic events. Jason is captured, and subsequently toyed with, over and over and over again by capricious and cruel women who treat him as nothing more than an object. What story there is here involves Jason getting used to this new life as a sex slave, and how his ‘training’ develops over time. If you’re looking for riveting plot, there isn’t much. But the writing is quite fun and snappy, and the stream of consciousness and visually punchy style really delivers exactly what it intends to. My biggest criticism of the whole book however would be the way the prose from time to time focuses on the race of the characters, creating stereotypical caricatures. It feels uncomfortable for the prose to so over-emphasize a character’s race during a sex scene, and some of the language can be very racially charged in regards to the Japanese character who is at one point I believe referred to as a “sushi roll”, which I did not care for.

This isn’t the book for dynamic character exploration or engagement. None of these characters are anything other than porno tropes, from the masochistic but otherwise bland Jason, to the Dominatrix women who get off on his torment. These women are all more or less interchangeable, and Jason has no evident personality, so there isn’t really much to delve into here in terms of being emotionally connected to these characters. However, the book does do a rather good job of drawing out the experience of Jason’s fear, pain, arousal and befuddlement. The book ends up having a very nice experiential quality and sense of foreboding hanging over it. I enjoyed the experience of constant worry for Jason, wondering what would befall him next. The book is quite good at what it sets out to do, in that regard.

This is a world populated by what seems to be a whole underground society of evil sadistic women. In that respect it’s almost like an inverse Story of O; Jason is initiated into a world where he has no agency or say, and is kept at the mercy of what the women of this world wish to do with him. This may be just set dressing for a pornographic romp, but it’s very fun set dressing and I really enjoyed its world a lot. Obviously not realistic or meant to be taken seriously, this is exactly what over the top fetish fantasy should be.

This book ended up being surprisingly hot to me. I usually need a smut book to cover more emotional bases than this, but the amount of confused dread that hangs over the book really gives it a lot of flare, and it also succeeds where I’ve seen many books fail: in the realm of creativity. Holy moly does this book get creative with its content. Its not often I find a book that covers more ground than just basic fucking, or makes me gasp in shock; this book had some truly wild ideas that I really loved, and it also covered more agonies than just sexual. It’s ironic that the characters make mention of the Marquis de Sade, when in actuality it reminded me far more of Venus in Furs than anything by Sade, right down to making him sleep in the cold or crawl on his knees. It’s also got a lot of piss content, which while its not really my thing I can really appreciate the dedication to depravity here. Some of the hardest content I’ve read, and I really enjoyed that about it.

All in all this is a very nice porno title, if you’re into very hardcore degradation. If you’re squeamish, this won’t be for you at all, as it is highly graphic and potentially upsetting content, and not at all intended as SSC BDSM. I will also caution that the racially charged passages are a dampener on what is otherwise a very nice time, and I hope the author re-tools some of that for future books.

Have you read Australian Holiday? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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