REVIEW: Haven by Misty Vixen

Decades following the collapse of society thanks to a manmade virus that created both zombies and a half-dozen new types of inhuman species, humans and inhumans live together in a decent semblance of society. Though the undead and vicious marauders roam the landscape, the average survivor can expect to have a decent life within a settlement.

But that all changed. The virus has mutated. Now, the inhumans are just as susceptible to the virus as the humans, and they’re turning into lethal monsters straight out of a living nightmare. Thousands are dying as the evolving undead rip the world apart a second time.

David is a born survivor, but when he finds himself stranded in the wilderness as winter sets, he’s not sure he’ll be able to make it. Finding a few other survivors, who happen to be very attractive women looking for help and something a bit more, he’s going to have to find some way to make it all work…

Warnings: Violence, Pregnancy kink

Category: M/F, F/F

Haven is an 8 book post-apocalyptic harem series of novellas that follow the loves and adventures of David in a world overrun by zombies and populated by mutants. It’s a very warm, cozy smut series so if you like fluffy vanilla sex with a dash of adventure, this is will likely be a very satisfying read. This review only covers the first volume, but I am sure the rest of it will be similar content.

The writing in this book was easy breezy, fun reading. It has a very relaxing pace to it; never too much stress to the narrative. Despite its action oriented setting, its much more of a cozy styled story, more focused on relationships and wilderness survival than on danger and thrills. David travels through a world decimated by the apocalypse and dodges the dangers of zombie swarms, and meets ladies along the way to travel with, all of course who want to have sex with him, in typical harem fashion. What struck me as most interesting was how much of it was simple scenes of gathering and foraging, collecting useful items from abandoned houses, exploring locations and setting up homes. It’s a cozy book through and through, designed to make you feel warm and safe. It can feel a little repetitive however, as a lot of these scenes read quite similarly.

This is a very character driven story rather than plot driven. In fact there really isn’t much plot so to speak, as the flow of the narrative is mostly all about David meeting, interacting with, and banging a variety of characters. All of these women are very charming, and they’re each bursting with unique personalities that the author weaves very well. I loved each of them and their different ways of interacting with our protag. David himself however, also in typical harem fashion, is a lot less interesting and it is often hard to understand exactly what these girls all see in him. He’s pretty bland comparatively to them, which I suppose is part of the fantasy of the harem genre; that a typical normal unassuming average guy could get a whole bunch of girls falling for him. It’s more of a feature than a flaw for the genre’s audiences, but as I’m not really the typical target audience for harem stories it always feels a little strange to me.

The worldbuilding present in this is very interesting, and I love how it’s set up to show you more bit by bit, gradually over time. There’s been an apocalypse that unleashed a virus that turned some people into zombies and mutated other people, creating a world where humans and human mutants must cohabitate and work together in order to survive in the wreckage of civilization. There are apparently all sorts of known kinds of mutants, from giants to furries to other stranger things, all designed to fuel the ‘sex with monster girls’ fantasy. I do hope the rest of the series fleshes out the setting and world more because what I saw I really really liked, and I was left wanting more. What exactly was the apocalypse? How many mutant races are there? Are there any centralized governments left or is everything a free for all? Many interesting questions for the series to answer.

This is a very sweet and vanilla series of tender lovemaking smut. It’s definitely far more vanilla than I like my smut to be, but I can certainly see the appeal if you’re not exactly into the hard S&M type stuff. This is the fantasy of being constantly propositioned for sex by hot babes, and while it’s over-emphasis on consent comes off a tad PSA-y in nature, its cute and fluffy and very feel-good. Some of the smut dialogue however tends to be a bit wooden and awkward, and it was hard to imagine people actually talking like this. It’s also a very visually focused style of sex writing, a blow by blow of physical events rather than experientially descriptive. At times a lot of the sentences in the sex scenes made me laugh. It is very emotionally oriented though, and I think that if this is the type of thing you like, you’ll get a lot out of it.

All in all I thought this was a very sweet book! I need a bit more kink in my smut than this provides so the rest of the series isn’t going to be my speed, but I thought that the first volume was very sweet and will certainly be someone’s cup of tea.

Have you read Haven? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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