Emoji Key

I use the following emoji system to denote what sort of content may be found in various titles:

⚣ Male/Male Pairings
⚢ Female/Female Pairings
⚥ Male/Female and Female/Male Pairings
⚤ Multiple sexuality pairings present
☿️ Pairing involving nonbinary, agender, intersex or altersex characters.

Explicitness Ratings
🍊 Orange: No Sexual Content
💚 Lime: Light Sexual Content (represented with a green heart as there is no lime emoji)
🍋 Lemon: Explicit Sexual Content
🖤 Black Heart: XXX, Pornographic Content with little else

Kinkyness Ratings
🍦 Vanilla: Not kinky. Vanilla romance. Fluff.
🍓 Strawberry: Kink tropes, with vanilla relationships.
🍫 Chocolate: Kink content. BDSM play. D/s.
🌶️ Hot Pepper: Extreme content. Kink fantasies. Explicitly non SSC.

Holiday Markers
🎃 Halloween (October) Titles
❄️ Winter Holiday (December) Titles