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REVIEW: Mystery’s Afoot by Carmen Longacre

Cathryn Leander is a private investigator who dreams of living up to great-grandmother, Alice Proudfoot, LA's female PI. The beautiful Rebecca Mayes steps into Cathryn's office on immaculately-pedicured toes and offers Cathryn just the juicy case she's been hoping for: Rebecca's 23-year-old sister Kayla has been brainwashed by a foot fetish pornography studio, and is … Continue reading REVIEW: Mystery’s Afoot by Carmen Longacre

REVIEW: Elf Slave by Sarah Hawke

A decadent empire on the brink of collapse. An ambitious emperor yearning for conquest. An elf slave with the power to liberate her people. Prized for their delicate beauty and ageless grace, the "faeyn" elves have long been coveted as pleasure slaves by the ruling noble families of the vast human empire. But Elara is … Continue reading REVIEW: Elf Slave by Sarah Hawke

REVIEW: Sorcery, Swords & Titties By Delilah Dallas

Ohlon, the ancient city of mystics was an enchanting city to behold, but to Alura it was her prison. The young emerald haired vixen seizes her opportunity to escape the hands of her abusive master, Lord Lucien. The former sex slave finds herself unprepared for the dangers that lurk in the wilderness and must fight … Continue reading REVIEW: Sorcery, Swords & Titties By Delilah Dallas

REVIEW: Dragon Temple Saga by Janine Cross

Like her half-breed mother, young Zarq Darquel can’t always hold her tongue. A peasant on a large dragon estate, she goes unnoticed by the Temple of the Dragon—until she accidentally captures the attention of an eccentric and dangerous dragonmaster, unleashing a storm of tragedy. Her clan is plunged into destitution, her beautiful sister, Waivia, sold … Continue reading REVIEW: Dragon Temple Saga by Janine Cross

REVIEW: Anti-Justine by Nicolas-Edme Rétif

Inspired by the presumed poison of De Sade's violent and licentious masterworks 'Justine' and 'Juliette', Nicolas-Edme Rétif (also known as Rétif de la Bretonne) wrote this antidote; a work which morally defends the debauchery therein graphically depicted and shows us that even the most libidinous of lifestyles can have a happy ending. Enter Cupidonnet and … Continue reading REVIEW: Anti-Justine by Nicolas-Edme Rétif

REVIEW: Reviving Leah by Lexa Flynn

Fourteen years into their marriage, Doug and Leah Baxter are no different from most churchgoing couples. Two kids, a house in the suburbs, a loving relationship...and a practically nonexistent sex life. Desperate to restore the romance, they meet with a sex therapist. Week by week, as they follow their therapist's recommendations, their relationship blossoms, especially … Continue reading REVIEW: Reviving Leah by Lexa Flynn

REVIEW: A Kiss from Krampus by Red Hanner

Eighty years ago, a little girl snipped off Krampus' beard and used it to cast a spell on him, leaving him powerless to punish bad children. Now almost no one remembers him or the sting of his birch whip. Two days before Christmas, Moritza stands at her least-favorite grandmother's deathbed, where she learns she's inheriting … Continue reading REVIEW: A Kiss from Krampus by Red Hanner

REVIEW: Crash by JG Ballard

When J. G. Ballard, our narrator, smashes his car into another and watches a man die in front of him, he finds himself drawn with increasing intensity to the mangled impacts of car crashes. Robert Vaughan, a former TV scientist turned nightmare angel of the expressway, has gathered around him a collection of alienated crash … Continue reading REVIEW: Crash by JG Ballard

REVIEW: Blowing It! by Tim Popper

Henry is, to all outward appearances, an ordinary guy, a video editor for an interactive media company in the Central Valley of California, with a wife and two grown kids. Melanie is a cute young waitress at a diner near Henry's studio. Henry and Melanie have nothing in common. Except a sexual passion for toy … Continue reading REVIEW: Blowing It! by Tim Popper

20 Reading Questions

Snagged this list of book questions off of Twitter and thought I could do a great blog post here with them! I unfortunately do not have information on the originator of it, since it's been circulating so wide on Twitter, but here we go:1- Favourite Genre to Read:I love reading epic fantasy novels, with sprawling … Continue reading 20 Reading Questions