REVIEW: Infinite Prey by Kara Lang

After falling for a mysterious young woman, Erin finds herself trapped in a nightmarish alternate reality. Where Goddesses of all shapes and sizes lie in wait to ensnare their unwilling prey. Erin embarks on a quest for revenge against the ones who sent her here. But before she can enjoy sweet revenge, she has to avoid becoming a meal herself.

Warnings: Vore, Graphic depictions of violence, Dubcon

Category: F/F, M/F

Infinite Prey is, quite simply, a vore novel. And although it has some straight pairings, it is mostly focused on lesbian vore content. As a connoisseur of weird and esoteric erotica, I was absolutely thrilled to come across it, especially given that most works about this particular fetish tend to be short stories and not full length novels. So I was immensely excited to delve into the depths (hah) of the vore genre, hardly knowing what I would encounter and having no real expectations. And while I did get a lot of extremely sexy vore scenes, I also got an incredibly fun and well written adventure story.

Despite the plot being fairly loose, as the point of the story is the encounters that Erin has along the way, the story is incredibly fun. Erin and her friend are stranded in a magical world that is filled with monsters, all of which want to eat people like themselves, and are trying to get back home again. They make friends and allies along the way, all while in danger of being swallowed whole by giantesses, nagas, and other creatures. Erin has an advantage for this adventure, however: She is an Ouroboros, a person who can be eaten and then regenerate herself again afterwards, instead of dying in the stomach of her killer. Silly as it may seem, it’s a ridiculously fun little romp that pulls it’s characters through dilemma after dilemma, allowing them to traverse it’s world while also being lighthearted and entertaining, providing a host of fetish content as well as adventure.

While I’m not exactly looking for a lot of emotional depth to a work like this, it did manage to exceed my expectations tenfold. The characters are all incredibly engaging, and I loved how they each showcased such distinctive personalities. From the get go I loved Erin’s narration, which is certainly not always the case with first person as it is very easy to make a character either bland or obnoxious. Erin was the perfect person to follow through the zany adventures, and her dynamic interactions with every other character in the book were fantastic. I especially loved the naga Eeria, she was my favourite character and every scene with her was so very charming.

It’s also got a fairly good span of real emotional drama to it as Erin struggles with her feelings about being eaten; feelings that range from fear, anger, desperation and even arousal, all of which are depicted incredibly well. Characters like Tristan relate their experiences in a world that is constantly trying to murder them. The anxiety and stress that comes from such a world, and the various ways that different people Erin meets react to that stressful existence, are all different.

The world that Erin and her friends find themselves stuck in and travelling through is an eat and be eaten world that is 100% geared towards catering to vore fetishism. I have to appreciate the dedication to the kink that it takes to come up with lore and mythos this elaborate, and it was a pure joy to immerse myself in it’s setting. It’s a fantasy realm populated by creatures known as Carnas; immortal deities that spend their time fornicating and eating smaller people whole. The giantesses are apparently humans and Carnas that have learned how to unlock an inner power that all people have within them that allows them to grow to giant sizes and teleport between worlds.

A large part of the plot revolves around Erin and her friends seeking out the secrets to these abilities, so that they can protect themselves from giantesses and, get home. It’s never really explained why Erin is an Oroboros, a rare kind of person who can survive being eaten, of course. Is it a genetic thing? A magic happenstance? It’s implied that it can be passed on or learned much like the becoming giant and teleportation abilities, but that’s not completely confirmed. It doesn’t really need to be though; the worldbuilding that was there was more than enough to make the setting rich and engaging for this kind of adventure plot, giving it all kinds of opportunities for the fetish content to shine.

While there is a lot of sex in this book, the sex is not described in vividly graphic detail. The characters all have a fairly casual approach to sexuality, fucking around as they go about their journey, but said sexual activity is not at all the point of this book, nor is it the primary source of it’s sex appeal. The parts of the book that are more explicitly described and focused on, the fetish content, is of course the vore. This is a book about giant (and not so giant) ladies who want nothing more that to put you inside of themselves, and it’s content runs a wide range of flavours (hah) of vore. There’s classic swallowing vore, of course, the main danger of this world that the characters face is the threat of being eaten. There’s also quite a bit of pussy vore, characters being inserted into a giantess’s pussy. There’s an absorption vore scene with a goo girl. There’s a ‘return to the womb’ horror sequence. Each and every one of these scenes are so lovingly depicted, from the emotions that Erin goes through to the strange surrealism of the experience, that even if this isn’t your fetish I think it makes for a really compelling read. I’m not a huge vore fetishist myself, but my curiosity for the genre was well sated with this book (even if it doesn’t include any cock vore which is much more my thing)

Infinite Prey was such a fun read, I read the entire thing all in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. I was grinning all day when I got to the end, I haven’t had this much fun reading a silly smut novel in a long time. It well exceeded my expectations, given I had no idea what I would be in for, and especially considering that I am not entirely the target audience for this as vore is not my number one fetish. I’d buy it in print in a heartbeat if it was available. I hope the author is proud of this novel!

Have you read Infinite Prey? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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