On Content

This blog covers a wide range of content, from fairly vanilla romance ranging to hardcore noncon fantasy fiction. All of my book reviews will be labeled with appropriate warnings. It is my stance that human sexual fantasy is incredibly complicated material, and runs the gambit of experiences both positive and negative, and that fiction is the perfect arena with which to engage with dangerous fantasy in a safe environment similarly to how roller coasters or horror films can give us a taste of fear within the confines of security. Not every book I review covers dark subject matter, plenty of them will be fluffy and sweet romance, but I will also not shy away from harsher fare.

This blog is against censorship, and is pro dark fiction. This blog assumes that the reader is an Adult that can safely differentiate between fiction and reality and maintain a healthy relationship with troubling fantasies.

I want to be very clear that I do not in any way condone real life perpetrations of rape, abuse, violence, murder or torture.

This is a list of terms that may be used on this blog in these reviews:

DARKFIC – Darkfic is a term for any kind of fiction that explores dark subject matter as one of it’s principle themes.

NONCON – Noncon is short for “Non-Consensual” ie; rape fantasies.

DUBCON – Dubcon is short for “Dubious-Consent” and is in reference to the kinds of sexual fantasies that, if enacted in reality, would be rape, but in the confines of a fictional fantasy are not really meant to read as rape.

RAPE – I will use the term “rape” to describe stories which depict rape not as a sexual fantasy but for the purpose of realistically exploring the realities of trauma.

SLAVEFIC – Slavefic is a genre of fiction, popularized by fanfiction communities, that explores sexual slavery and the relationships that take place within the confines of slavery and power imbalance.
(A more extensive defining of the slavefic genre can be found here)

HURT/COMFORT – Hurt/Comfort is a genre of fiction, popularized by fanfiction communities, that explores trauma, the aftermaths of trauma, and the healing process after the trauma.

WHUMP – Whump is a genre of fiction, popularized by fanfiction communities, that explores trauma, abuse, and torment befalling a character without necessarily ever going into post-trauma healing.

A/B/O – Also known as Omegaverse. This is a genre of fiction, popularized by fanfiction communities, that explores a fictional set of secondary gender traits known as “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Omega”. It often features male pregnancy, characters going into “heats” and an exploration of socially imposed gender roles applied to male characters.

D/S – This stands for Domination and submission and refers to stories about relationships that follow this power exchange model.

BDSM – This stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and submission, and Sadism and Masochism. It is an alternate lifestyle community and a shorthand term for any kind of content that fits under those brackets.

GURO – Guro refers to eroticised gore content and extreme violence.

TORTURE PORN – This is in reference to content, not necessarily sexual, which focuses on one character torturing the other to explicit degrees.

SQUICK – A squick is a kind of content that you find personally upsetting and would rather not engage with. Each individual has their own squicks; what is upsetting to me may not be upsetting to you and vice versa. A squick needs no reason or justification; it is enough to say “this squicks me.”

These are all terminology that I will utilize both in Warning Labels at the start of every review as well as in the discussion of the book itself. This is for the benefit of readers, so that you can make informed reading decisions and steer clear of books that contain content that you may find upsetting. Stay safe, and happy reading!