RODERICK (Sex Toy Transformation)

The Adventures of Incubus Liu: Inter-dimensional Fugitive At Large #10
Weird Erotica – Transformation and Hypnosis Fetish

The nefarious and infamous Liu is a known shapeshifter: an illegal magic user on the run from the Interdimentional Police, a force dedicated to tracking down felons just like him. Wanted on counts of kidnapping, unlawful transformation, and magical seduction. These are the stories of his victims.

Roderick has been captured by the infamous Liu. As he waits in his dungeon, he has no idea the fate that he will meet at the sex magician’s hands. When Liu returns to transform him, he realizes that what Liu will give him is a life of eternal pleasure… transformed into a sex toy!

Final installment in a series of shorts which will eventually be compiled in a 10 chapter novella of Weird Erotica. This is a series that includes transformation, vore, cock vore and other weird fantastical kinks of a surreal nature. Full collection single volume novella coming soon!

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