REVIEW: Frost and Claus by Matilda Janes

Santa’s eldest daughter Chrystal Claus is curvy, cute, and loves to bake. Opening her bakery has been a dream come true, she loves to watch her customers smile after they’ve eaten one of her treats. It’s her gift and she’s never been happier. That is until Jack Frost comes back into town, seemingly intent on disrupting her life with his scowling eyes, grumpy growls, and all his bulging muscles. After he embarrasses and hurts her feelings she decides she can’t stand the handsome jerk. But when she’s kidnapped, Chrystal discovers not all is as it seems.

Jack Frost has been waiting for Chrystal Claus for an eternity, and when she comes of age Jack wants to claim his mate. But it isn’t to be; bound by a promise, Jack reluctantly leaves Christmas Town. When he returns years later he can barely contain himself. He wants nothing more than to claim his mate and no one will stand in his way. Or so he thinks.

Warnings: dubcon

Category: M/F

Frost and Claus is a short and sweet erotic Christmas novella. It follows Jack Frost and his efforts to woo the lovely daughter of Santa, Chrystal Claus. It’s light on plot and heavy on smut, and the perfect thing for heating up for the holidays.

The writing is very fun, and extremely cheesy. It certainly doesn’t pull its punches- this is an erotica, from start to finish. It feels very jarring if you’re not expecting it, because it jumps into the steamy stuff right out the gate with characters immediately thinking with their nether regions. But its fun, and it lets you know exactly what you’re in for here. It utilizes some fated mates tropes that feels vaguely reminiscent of a/b/o, and the men in the story feel attuned to the women who fate has chosen for them. Jack’s fated made is Santa’s oldest daughter Chrystal, but Santa made him promise to wait for her until she is a little older. Thus, Jack leaves Christmas town in order to keep himself from temptation, but manages to visit her in her dreams. When they are finally united at last however, Krampus escapes from Christmas town jail, and Jack has to deal with this threat to his new mate’s safety. The story is followed by two shorter ones that explore Chrystal’s sisters and their own fated mates, and all in all I just thought it was delightfully silly nonsense.

If you’re looking for character development or emotional engagement, this is not really the right book. The characters are pretty cardboard in nature; really just dolls created to serve the purpose of the narrative which is, of course, smut. And for all that, the characters are very likable. I very much enjoyed Chrystal and her positive and upbeat attitude, as well as the exploration of her sexuality. Jack Frost’s feelings and longing for her is all very well treated as well, and I really quite liked the two of them. The other shorts are kind of exactly the same, with not much variation in personalities, but they were short enough that its hardly surprising that that be the case. Also, it was very nice to see a book featuring three bigger girls, celebrating larger bodies without framing them in relation to skinnyness at all.

I really was tickled pink at the worldbuilding in this. Fated love, immortal deities that control seasons and elements and holidays, and the mythos of Christmas all rolled into a steamy little package. It’s everything I love about Christmas movies- the cheesyness of the emphasis on love and family and heartwarming schlock, the fairy tale fantasy of elves and magic towns in the North Pole, and the warm trappings of Christmas like cookies and decorations and cheesy music. Jack and Santa and Krampus have history which is briefly explored, Krampus has gone mad due to lack of love, feral from his need for his fated mate and had to be imprisoned in Christmas town jail to protect everyone. The three of them are immortal Christmas deities who can transfer their immortality to mortal humans via sex magic, which is always my favourite type of magic. Basically all the worldbuilding is silly, but fun, and exactly what I want out of Christmas stories.

I really loved the sex in this book. Its a steamy blend of dubcon, seduction, and fated love/lust dynamics. Because they are a fated pairing, they have a bond that Chrystal just can’t resist, despite the fact that she thinks Jack Frost is a bit of an asshole at first. Jack Frost is unbearably attracted to his mate, but he holds himself back for fear of loosing control. All of that is very heady stuff, and exactly what I had been hoping for from the description. From the naughty dreams he’s been sending her to the claiming nature of their eventual love making, I really was quite invested in the smut, which is written with a very fun-loving, no holds barred kind of way. Unfortunately the two follow up stories, while very nice in concept, didn’t offer enough variation to keep me interested, and I did wish that the one featuring Krampus hadn’t had Krampus transform into a human form for the smut. Overall though this is a great piece of Christmas smut.

I loved this book. It may be no grand epic but it is a great bit of holiday fluff with a kinky bent. It you want absolutely cheesy dubcon romance and smut with a Christmas setting involving magic and fate and cheesy goodness, you’ll love this just like I did.

Have you read Frost and Claus? Let me know what YOU thought by leaving me a comment!

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