Bound in Blood by Elizabeth King

Lenore’s small town life is thrown into turmoil in the wake of a series of mysterious deaths. As she begins to unravel the mystery of the strange darkness plaguing her town, old legends begin to surface of inhuman creatures who stalk the night, drinking the blood of the living. Soon she finds herself with far more than she bargained for in the clutches of the ruthless and sadistic Lord who will come to own her, body mind and soul. An eternity of pain and pleasure awaits her at his hands, an eternity she will not be able to escape once he has made her his own.

Warnings: noncon, vampirism, fantasy typical violence, BDSM

Category: M/F

BDSM Vampire Fantasy Erotic Novel. 70K words complete with steamy illustrations. This is hardcore kink, bondage, BDSM fiction and is intended only for an Adult audience!

Review from Amazon:
Elizabeth King’s first full length story has many of the same elements in her short stories, and fan works. The sex, kinks, and descriptions are all wonderful, and give you a good visual idea of what’s going on. If you’re into BDSM fantasies about being forced, and trained I would highly recommend it. However I should mention that the main male lead is not a particularly good character, so if you are looking for a kind seductive person who gently helps the main lead every step of the way, it may not be your cup of tea. […] the character is flawed in a fairly major way. In this book he owns people, and has no problem with killing them. […] I would still recommend reading it though if you enjoy this sort of story because it is well written, and at the end of the day how evil the main guy is isn’t important. This book isn’t about humanities enslavement, it’s about kinky vampire sex. Overall I enjoyed it and I look forward to reading more of their stuff.

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