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REVIEW: Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

As the novel opens, Titus, heir to Lord Sepulchrave, has just been born. He stands to inherit the miles of rambling stone and mortar that form Gormenghast Castle. Meanwhile, far away and in the kitchen, a servant named Steerpike escapes his drudgework and begins an auspicious ascent to power.Inside of Gormenghast, all events are predetermined … Continue reading REVIEW: Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

REVIEW: Lies of Lesser Gods by LGA McIntyre

Birthed from out of a nightmare void, Gralyre's only memory is that of an execution - his own. Thrust into a war between the last of humanity and the tyrant who rules them, Gralyre struggles to survive a world where his name is forbidden and to carry a sword is a death sentence. In a … Continue reading REVIEW: Lies of Lesser Gods by LGA McIntyre

REVIEW: Elf Slave by Sarah Hawke

A decadent empire on the brink of collapse. An ambitious emperor yearning for conquest. An elf slave with the power to liberate her people. Prized for their delicate beauty and ageless grace, the "faeyn" elves have long been coveted as pleasure slaves by the ruling noble families of the vast human empire. But Elara is … Continue reading REVIEW: Elf Slave by Sarah Hawke

REVIEW: Dragon Temple Saga by Janine Cross

Like her half-breed mother, young Zarq Darquel can’t always hold her tongue. A peasant on a large dragon estate, she goes unnoticed by the Temple of the Dragon—until she accidentally captures the attention of an eccentric and dangerous dragonmaster, unleashing a storm of tragedy. Her clan is plunged into destitution, her beautiful sister, Waivia, sold … Continue reading REVIEW: Dragon Temple Saga by Janine Cross