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REVIEW: Alpha Hole Prison from Y Press Games

Earthling Miguel Sanchez has been sentenced to life at Alpha Hole, a notorious space prison. His survival depends on using his charms to convince a powerful ally to protect him.Warnings: dubcon, mentions of noncon, abuse, violence and suicideCategory: M/M Alpha Hole Prison is a VN game that was funded on Kickstarter. It features an Earthling … Continue reading REVIEW: Alpha Hole Prison from Y Press Games

REVIEW: Dominus by JP Kenwood

In AD 107, after a grueling campaign against Rome's fierce enemy, the kingdom of Dacia, Gaius Fabius returns home in triumph. With the bloody battles over, the commander of the Lucky Fourth Legion now craves life's simple pleasures: leisurely soaks in fragrant baths, over-flowing cups of wine, and a long holiday at his seaside villa … Continue reading REVIEW: Dominus by JP Kenwood

REVIEW: Magebound by Katica Locke

A slave since the age of eight, Lark has been brutalized and victimized for almost as long as he can remember. When he finds himself the property of Lord Naeven Sactaren, a man as frightening as he is beautiful, his world is turned completely upside down as he’s thrown into a new life of magic, … Continue reading REVIEW: Magebound by Katica Locke

REVIEW: Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

Ayden’s life has long been guided by two emotions: love for his sister, and hatred of all things human. When he’s captured in battle, he is enslaved in the service of a human prince, Freyrik Farr. Freyrik’s always known elves to be beautiful and dangerous, but never has one affected him as deeply as Ayden. … Continue reading REVIEW: Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz

The Adventures of Incubus Liu: Inter-dimensional Fugitive At Large

The nefarious and infamous Liu is a known shapeshifter: an illegal magic user on the run from the Interdimentional Police, a force dedicated to tracking down felons just like him. Wanted on counts of kidnapping, unlawful transformation, and magical seduction. These are the stories of his victims. Warnings: Body Horror, Noncon/DubconCategory: M/M This is a … Continue reading The Adventures of Incubus Liu: Inter-dimensional Fugitive At Large

REVIEW: Riptide by BC Matthews

Mark's boyfriend drowned last September. The coroner's report said it was a tragic accident. No arrests were made. He thought he could hide the truth forever. He thought he could run from his past. But it's been a long year, and Mark is getting lonely. He's getting hungry.   Warnings: BDSM, Abusive relationship, Violence, CannibalismCategory: … Continue reading REVIEW: Riptide by BC Matthews

REVIEW: Aquiver by TD Cloud

Dealing with Drow nobility had never been Khouri Lucifin’s strong suit. Strange, entitled, overwhelming, untrustworthy– There was no end to their unsavory habits, and when one was a street dwelling, half-Drow thief, dealing with them was a risk that didn’t need to be taken.But when Khouri is contacted by a noble wishing to hire him … Continue reading REVIEW: Aquiver by TD Cloud

REVIEW: Scales of Gold by LB La Vigne

Merfolk trading is a lucrative, but illegal business. After Brandon, a hunter, spends a few days tracking Vez, he gets second thoughts about imprisoning the golden tail merman who’s immediately put up for auction. Brandon decides to break Vez out of his enclosure and bring him home.But with the merman in his bathtub, Brandon has … Continue reading REVIEW: Scales of Gold by LB La Vigne